International Growth

Investment Objective:

Seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in attractively priced, quality international companies with sustainable above-average earnings growth.

The Invesco Edge:

The Invesco Edge:

  • Well-established international multi-cap growth strategy launched in 1992
  • Stable and experienced portfolio management team
  • Long-term, bottom-up investment and risk management process
  • Strong and consistent long-term performance history
  • Three-step process focused on Earnings, Quality, and Valuation

Investment Strategy:

Our investment process employs a disciplined strategy that emphasizes fundamental research, supported by quantitative analysis, portfolio construction and risk management techniques. The "EQV" (Earnings, Quality, Valuation) strategy primarily focuses on identifying quality companies that have experienced, or exhibit the potential for, accelerating or above average earnings growth but whose valuations do not appear to fully reflect these attributes.

Research responsibilities within the portfolio management team are focused by geographic region, but investments for the portfolio are selected using a “bottom-up” investment approach. This means that the portfolio is primarily constructed on a stock-by-stock basis focusing on the strengths of individual companies, rather than due to sector, country or regional trends. The portfolio managers may consider selling a security for several reasons, including:

  • Its fundamentals deteriorate or it posts disappointing earnings
  • Its stock price appears to be overvalued, or
  • A more attractive opportunity is identified