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China's opening up has allowed its economy grow rapidly over the past 40 years. Financial reforms are now gaining momentum, with foreign investors seeing more and more opportunities in the investible US$7.4 trillion* universe.

The growth of assets in China has no clear precedent for funds management:

  • Total AUM expected to grow at about 10% CAGR over five years to reach US$30 trillion in 2022*;
  • Two new billionaires (in USD terms) were minted in China every week in 2017^.

Uncovering the best possibilities in China requires on-the-ground experience and global expertise. Partner with us and access investment opportunities in China now.

Global Asset Managers in China: Riding the Waves of Reform, Oliver Wyman, 2018. ^ "China 'creates two billionaires a week'", BBC, published Oct. 26, 2018.

Equities as proxies of China's growth

China's economic progress has seen its companies grow. Now, foreigners can invest in them as investment channels such as Stock Connect open up. Coupled with greater weightings for onshore A-shares in global indices, equity allocations are undergoing a momentous shift globally. 

With almost 4,000 securities, there are countless opportunities to pursue in the world's second-largest equity market. 

In 2003 we established the first Sino-American joint venture, Invesco Great Wall. Since then, we have grown our expertise in Chinese domestic equities, complemented by our global network of experts.

Turning point for Chinese fixed income

The inclusion of Chinese government and policy-bank bonds into global benchmarks could drive foreign interest to the US$13-trillion* onshore bond market. With foreign holdings currently only about 2%*, a wealth of opportunities exist.

There are many benefits to holding renminbi-denominated bonds: they have low correlation with other assets, yields are attractive, the renminbi has historically been quite stable, and athe market has ample liquidity. 

Our global network of analysts, strategists and economists analyze and act on investment themes surrounding China's growth, including risks and opportunities along the "Belt and Road".

* "Explainer: Why China's inclusion in global bond benchmarks matters", Reuters, published March 29, 2019.

A fundamental shift in investment management

Navigate the landscape with our thought leadership

China is a market that institutional investors can’t ignore. To this end, we're proud to present "Invest China", where you can learn the latest on how to navigate the Chinese investment landscape.

It also includes "The China Position", our seminal study on sentiment towards investing in China that was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Head to our dedicated China site for more information.

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Over our 20+ year history in this market, we've learned that finding the right partner is key to navigating and capturing the complexities of China. Today, we offer a broad range of capabilities, including equities, fixed income, quantitative strategies, real estate and private equity. At the heart of our China approach is the dedication of our large team of local staff - one of the largest asset-management teams in China. We are an investment manager with a long history and presence on the ground, focused on the development of China and its capital markets.

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