Invesco Asia Pacific official statement regarding Coronavirus relief

An official statement regarding what Invesco Asia Pacific has been doing in the fight against the Coronovirus outbreak.

We at Invesco and our China joint venture, Invesco Great Wall1 (IGW), are committed to helping China with immediate healthcare relief from the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and support longer term disease prevention measures.

Since early February, Invesco Great Wall (Shenzhen Ltd) has helped China address the situation by donating RMB 1 million to the Hubei Charity Federation (湖北省慈善总会) to provide medical supplies to hospitals in Wuhan. We donated an additional RMB 1 million to the Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong (广东省钟南山医学基金会) to support work on finding a cure for the coronavirus.

To show our confidence in the market, Invesco Great Wall will be investing RMB 35 million of its firm capital into IGW-managed equity mutual funds. IGW employees and families have also made commitments to invest no less than RMB 35 million of personal funds into IGW-managed equity mutual funds. We believe by working together, China will be able to overcome the current challenge and emerge resilient.

Our teams have been working closely during this time to ensure a supportive environment for employees, including encouraging those in affected cities to work from home as necessary. There are stringent emergency management strategies in place to ensure clear communications and frequent updates are available during this critical time. Top priority is given to the well-being and safety of our employees and their families.

^1 Source: Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Co. Ltd is a 49% Invesco-owned joint venture.