UK equities: an enhanced approach to corporate governance

UK equities: an enhanced approach to corporate governance
Key takeaways
Corporate governance is at the heart of ESG. It affects all environmental, social and financial decisions.
We engage with companies to promote good governance standards and hold boards accountable by exercising our voting rights.
Governance is central to our investment process, championed by dedicated specialists within the team.

Good governance is a cornerstone that gives lasting strength to a company. It supports good decision-making throughout the business: from financial and commercial decisions to those affecting environmental and social issues.

In the UK Equities Team, we have long recognised that high standards of corporate governance can contribute meaningfully to long-term financial performance. Similarly, low standards of corporate governance can be an indicator of potential risk when making an investment decision.

In this paper, we outline our corporate governance approach in detail, focusing on the following areas:

  • The importance of good governance
  • Our commitment to governance matters
  • Our approach to engagement and voting

We conclude the paper with an engagement case study which shows our investment process in action.

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