BulletShares ETF Bond Ladder Tool

BulletShares ETF

Bond Ladder Tool

The BulletShares® ETF Bond Ladder Tool provides a convenient way to create a laddering strategy.

Build a hypothetical BulletShares Ladder, based on maturity, geography, and credit criteria, using the BulletShares ETF Bond Ladder Tool.

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Simplifying the Bond Laddering Process with BulletShares ETFs

Bond laddering offers a number of potential benefits, but creating bond ladders with individual bonds can be time consuming and cost prohibitive. In contrast, BulletShares ETFs can be used to create new or manage existing bond ladders, offering investors a cost effective and convenient approach to portfolio laddering. BulletShares ETFs may efficiently fill portfolio gaps caused by matured or called bonds. Each time a bond in a client portfolio matures or is called, you can easily replace it with the appropriate BulletShares ETF. And because the required initial investment for an individual bond can be $10,000 or greater, laddering with BulletShares offers greater diversification1, transparency2 and generally lower costs3 than building a laddered portfolio with individual bonds.

BulletShares ETF Bond Ladder Tool

BulletShares suite of ETFs enable you to build customized fixed income portfolios tailored to specific maturity profiles, risk preferences and investment goals.

Why is Bond Laddering Useful?

A ladder strategy is an attractive way to generate income potential and manage interest rate risk. Interest payments from the bonds in a ladder can provide predictable cash flow, while the ladder structure may help investors manage reinvestment risk. It’s a strategy that offers broad yield curve exposure, which can be important in times of market uncertainty.