Invesco Belt and Road Debt Fund
Invesco Belt and Road Debt Fund

Belt & Road initiative - Changing the economic map of the world

This page should be read in conjunction with the investment risks below.

Looking to invest in the Belt & Road Initiative?

Launched in 2013 by Chinese president Xi Jinping, the “One Belt, One Road Initiative”, better known as the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), may be best described as an ambitious project to boost trade and stimulate economic growth. As a long-term initiative and significant development strategy to promote the land and sea connectivity along Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, it strives to establish and strengthen economic partnerships and cooperation along these regions.

At Invesco we have been early movers, seeing to capture a wide range of interesting investment themes arising.

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Why be part of the Belt & Road Initiative?

Why Invesco?

At Invesco, diversity of thought isn’t a buzzword, but an ethos reflected in how we work and how our investment capabilities are structured. For professional investors only.
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Why Invesco?

Why invest in the Invesco Belt and Road Debt Fund?

Investment Risks

  • The value of investments, and any income from them, will fluctuate. This may partly be the result of changes in exchange rates. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.

    Debt instruments are exposed to credit risk which is the ability of the borrower to repay the interest and capital on the redemption date.

    Changes in interest rates will result in fluctuations in the value of the fund.

    The fund uses derivatives (complex instruments) for investment purposes, which may result in the Fund being significantly leveraged and may result in large fluctuations in the value of the fund.

    As a large portion of the fund is invested in less developed countries, you should be prepared to accept significantly large fluctuations in the value of the fund.

    Investments in debt instruments which are of lower credit quality may result in large fluctuations in the value of the Fund.

    The fund may invest in a dynamic way across assets/asset classes, which may result in periodic changes in the risk profile, underperformance and/or higher transaction costs.

    As this fund is invested in a particular sector, you should be prepared to accept greater fluctuations in the value of the fund than for a fund with a broader investment mandate.

    The fund may invest in certain securities listed in China which can involve significant regulatory constraints that may affect the liquidity and/or the investment performance of the fund.

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