Workforce Diversity is a business imperative that will impact our growth in markets around the world, our ability to attract and retain talented staff successfully, and ultimately, the value of our brand equity.

As a global firm serving clients around the world, we believe a culture of inclusiveness is critical to our long term success. Consistent with our business principle that “working together, we achieve more”, we promote a collaborative culture that respects individuality and rewards teamwork.  Valuing our inherent diversity of cultures, experiences and perspectives gives all of our employees the opportunity to contribute their best work, be recognized for their unique abilities and contribute to Invesco’s success.

We accomplish this goal by:

  • Building diversity awareness through relevant communications and training programs;
  • Recruiting and retaining a workforce reflecting the communities in which we operate;
  • Where practical, working with vendors representative of the local markets in which we operate;
  • Implementing human resource management policies and practices to create an environment that optimizes the full potential of our employees, and
  • Offering support to community and charitable organizations.

It is expected that all Invesco managers appreciate the differences in perspectives that our employees bring to the table, that all of those employees are treated professionally, with respect, and are encouraged and supported in pursuing opportunities to maximize their full potential on the job.