Bank Loans

Seeking attractive current income with a short duration profile and low correlated returns

Invesco is a long-standing manager of various bank loan and credit opportunity strategies. These strategies take advantage of Invesco's strength in analyzing and managing both public and private senior secured corporate loan obligations. We offer various strategies utilizing bank loans that target specific market outcomes and unique credit market opportunities.

Credit Opportunity Funds

Opportunistic Bank Loans
Opportunistic Bank Loan Strategies
ISA Opportunistic Bank Loan Strategies Separate Account
Structured Credit Bank Loans
ABS Opportunity Strategies ISA ABS Opportunity Strategies Separate Account
CMBS Opportunity Strategies ISA CMBS Opportunity Strategies Separate Account
MBS Opportunity Strategies ISA MBS Opportunity Strategies Separate Account

Senior Secured Corporate Loans

Senior Secured Corporate Loans
Senior loans ETF Invesco Senior Loan ETF
UIT Closed-End Strategy: Senior Loan and Limited Duration Portfolio
Senior Secured Corporate Loans MF
ISA Senior Secured Loan Separate Account

About risk and other important information

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