PGF - PowerShares Financial Preferred Portfolio

Fund Holdings

Fund holdings are subject to change.

Group by Sector:
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as of 08/29/2016
Sector Total  Ticker  Company  % of Fund 
HSEB HSBC Holdings PLC 6.74
BCS D Barclays Bank PLC 3.20
WFC J Wells Fargo & Co 3.12
PNC P PNC Financial Services Group Inc/The 2.83
BBT E BB&T Corp 2.77
HSEA HSBC Holdings PLC 2.49
WFC Q Wells Fargo & Co 2.41
ISF ING Groep NV 2.17
JPM H JPMorgan Chase & Co 2.05
JPM F JPMorgan Chase & Co 2.04
C K Citigroup Inc 2.03
JPM G JPMorgan Chase & Co 1.89
USB M US Bancorp 1.87
BAC W Bank of America Corp 1.82
JPM D JPMorgan Chase & Co 1.78
BAC Y Bank of America Corp 1.67
C J Citigroup Inc 1.61
RBS T Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC 1.59
MS E Morgan Stanley 1.55
MS F Morgan Stanley 1.51
BAC C Bank of America Corp 1.49
GS J Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 1.47
WFC W Wells Fargo & Co 1.44
WFC N Wells Fargo & Co 1.42
WFC X Wells Fargo & Co 1.34
GS I Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 1.32
COF P Capital One Financial Corp 1.30
ISG ING Groep NV 1.21
AEH Aegon NV 1.20
C S Citigroup Inc 1.20
BCS A Barclays Bank PLC 1.20
JPM A JPMorgan Chase & Co 1.17
USB O US Bancorp 1.16
ALL E Allstate Corp/The 1.15
STT D State Street Corp 1.15
MS I Morgan Stanley 1.13
WFC V Wells Fargo & Co 1.04
BAC A Bank of America Corp 1.02
JPM-PB JPMorgan Chase & Co 1.02
STT C State Street Corp 0.89
SCHW C Charles Schwab Corp/The 0.86
WFC T Wells Fargo & Co 0.84
BAC D Bank of America Corp 0.84
STT E State Street Corp 0.83
BCS Barclays Bank PLC 0.83
SCHW D Charles Schwab Corp/The 0.83
BK C Bank of New York Mellon Corp/The 0.83
DFS B Discover Financial Services 0.81
RF B Regions Financial Corp 0.80
RBS L Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC 0.76
FITBI Fifth Third Bancorp 0.76
COF F Capital One Financial Corp 0.76
PRE H PartnerRe Ltd 0.72
USB N US Bancorp 0.72
GS K Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.70
GS B Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.70
RBS S Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC 0.70
WFC P Wells Fargo & Co 0.68
BBT D BB&T Corp 0.67
SCHW B Charles Schwab Corp/The 0.67
RF A Regions Financial Corp 0.65
COF G Capital One Financial Corp 0.64
COF C Capital One Financial Corp 0.63
STI E SunTrust Banks Inc 0.63
HBANO Huntington Bancshares Inc/OH 0.61
MS G Morgan Stanley 0.59
BBT H BB&T Corp 0.57
AXS C Axis Capital Holdings Ltd 0.55
NTRSP Northern Trust Corp 0.55
PUK A Prudential PLC 0.54
C C Citigroup Inc 0.51
ALL C Allstate Corp/The 0.51
ALL A Allstate Corp/The 0.51
KFN KKR Financial Holdings LLC 0.49
KEY H KeyCorp 0.47
COF D Capital One Financial Corp 0.47
ARH C Arch Capital Group Ltd 0.46
GS N Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.44
RNR E RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd 0.43
STT G State Street Corp 0.43
AED Aegon NV 0.42
AHL C Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd 0.42
WFC R Wells Fargo & Co 0.33
PUK Prudential PLC 0.32
ISP ING Groep NV 0.26
ALL F Allstate Corp/The 0.21
RBS R Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC 0.20
JPM E JPMorgan Chase & Co 0.20
BML I Bank of America Corp 0.11
BBT G BB&T Corp 0.09