PGX - PowerShares Preferred Portfolio

Fund Holdings

Fund holdings are subject to change.

Group by Sector:
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as of 04/26/2017
Sector Total  Ticker  Company  % of Fund 
BCS D Barclays Bank PLC 2.86
HSEB HSBC Holdings PLC 2.81
HSEA HSBC Holdings PLC 2.56
WFC J Wells Fargo & Co 2.55
DKT Deutsche Bank Contingent Capital Trust V 2.34
C K Citigroup Inc 1.68
BBT E BB&T Corp 1.64
BAC Y Bank of America Corp 1.55
PNC P PNC Financial Services Group Inc/The 1.53
JPM F JPMorgan Chase & Co 1.50
BAC W Bank of America Corp 1.13
WFC Q Wells Fargo & Co 1.13
JPM H JPMorgan Chase & Co 1.07
BML I Bank of America Corp 1.04
JPM G JPMorgan Chase & Co 0.98
AEH Aegon NV 0.98
CFC B Countrywide Capital V 0.97
GS J Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.95
RBS L Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC 0.92
MS I Morgan Stanley 0.83
WFC X Wells Fargo & Co 0.80
C S Citigroup Inc 0.79
MS K Morgan Stanley 0.78
BAC C Bank of America Corp 0.77
JPM A JPMorgan Chase & Co 0.73
WFC V Wells Fargo & Co 0.70
ALL E Allstate Corp/The 0.69
RBS S Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC 0.65
GS K Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.65
STT D State Street Corp 0.65
DTK Deutsche Bank Contingent Capital Trust III 0.64
COF P Capital One Financial Corp 0.64
MS E Morgan Stanley 0.64
BAC A Bank of America Corp 0.63
JPM-PB JPMorgan Chase & Co 0.61
WFC W Wells Fargo & Co 0.61
MS G Morgan Stanley 0.60
STT E State Street Corp 0.59
HGH Hartford Financial Services Group Inc/The 0.57
WFC T Wells Fargo & Co 0.55
BAC I Bank of America Corp 0.55
WFC R Wells Fargo & Co 0.55
PRH Prudential Financial Inc 0.54
JPM E JPMorgan Chase & Co 0.54
SCHW D Charles Schwab Corp/The 0.52
GS I Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.51
C L Citigroup Inc 0.51
C N Citigroup Capital XIII 0.49
AEK Aegon NV 0.49
SCHW C Charles Schwab Corp/The 0.48
WFC-PY Wells Fargo & Co 0.47
JPM D JPMorgan Chase & Co 0.46
MS F Morgan Stanley 0.44
DFS B Discover Financial Services 0.42
BK C Bank of New York Mellon Corp/The 0.42
GS N Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.41
GS B Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.41
PUK A Prudential PLC 0.41
PJH Prudential Financial Inc 0.40
KEY I KeyCorp 0.40
COF F Capital One Financial Corp 0.40
RF B Regions Financial Corp 0.39
COF G Capital One Financial Corp 0.39
NYCB A New York Community Bancorp Inc 0.39
AXS E Axis Capital Holdings Ltd 0.38
FITBI Fifth Third Bancorp 0.38
COF D Capital One Financial Corp 0.38
HBANO Huntington Bancshares Inc/OH 0.37
RF A Regions Financial Corp 0.37
AFSD Aflac Inc 0.37
ALL B Allstate Corp/The 0.37
USB M US Bancorp 0.36
WFC N Wells Fargo & Co 0.36
SCHW B Charles Schwab Corp/The 0.36
COF H Capital One Financial Corp 0.36
WFC O Wells Fargo & Co 0.36
RZA Reinsurance Group of America Inc 0.35
COF C Capital One Financial Corp 0.35
STI E SunTrust Banks Inc 0.34
STT C State Street Corp 0.32
RZB Reinsurance Group of America Inc 0.32
PL C Protective Life Corp 0.32
KFN KKR Financial Holdings LLC 0.32
NTRSP Northern Trust Corp 0.31
ACGLP Arch Capital Group Ltd 0.30
STT G State Street Corp 0.30
LMHB Legg Mason Inc 0.30
PRE H PartnerRe Ltd 0.30
ALL C Allstate Corp/The 0.29
RNR E RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd 0.29
BBT H BB&T Corp 0.29
PRE I PartnerRe Ltd 0.28
MH A Maiden Holdings Ltd 0.27
WRB B WR Berkley Corp 0.26
WFE A Wells Fargo Real Estate Investment Corp 0.26
TMK C Torchmark Corp 0.25
ISF ING Groep NV 0.25
AGO E Assured Guaranty Municipal Holdings Inc 0.25
KKR A KKR & Co LP 0.25
LMHA Legg Mason Inc 0.24
ARH C Arch Capital Group Ltd 0.24
WRB D WR Berkley Corp 0.24
ALL A Allstate Corp/The 0.24
AIY Apollo Investment Corp 0.23
ARES A Ares Management LP 0.23
AHL B Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd 0.23
AFGE American Financial Group Inc/OH 0.23
BBT D BB&T Corp 0.22
JSM Navient Corp 0.21
APO A Apollo Global Management LLC 0.21
ALL F Allstate Corp/The 0.20
AFW American Financial Group Inc/OH 0.19
TCBIP Texas Capital Bancshares Inc 0.19
PBCTP People's United Financial Inc 0.18
ENH C Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd 0.18
BAC D Bank of America Corp 0.17
ZB H Zions Bancorporation 0.17
MGR Affiliated Managers Group Inc 0.16
AXS D Axis Capital Holdings Ltd 0.15
AHL D Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd 0.15
FRC D First Republic Bank/CA 0.14
SGZA Selective Insurance Group Inc 0.14
FRC B First Republic Bank/CA 0.14
KKR B KKR & Co LP 0.14
AHL C Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd 0.13
THGA Hanover Insurance Group Inc/The 0.13
TCB B TCF Financial Corp 0.12
FRC E First Republic Bank/CA 0.12
PBB Prospect Capital Corp 0.12
KMPA Kemper Corp 0.12
CBSHP Commerce Bancshares Inc/MO 0.12
MHNC Maiden Holdings North America Ltd 0.11
MH C Maiden Holdings Ltd 0.11
FRC F First Republic Bank/CA 0.11
USB O US Bancorp 0.11
SF A Stifel Financial Corp 0.11
HBHCL Hancock Holding Co 0.11
ZB F Zions Bancorporation 0.11
VR A Validus Holdings Ltd 0.11
BOKFL BOK Financial Corp 0.10
VLY A Valley National Bancorp 0.10
AF C Astoria Financial Corp 0.10
WTFCM Wintrust Financial Corp 0.10
FRC G First Republic Bank/CA 0.10
CFR A Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc 0.10
AGIIL Argo Group US Inc 0.09
AFGH American Financial Group Inc/OH 0.09
SAN C Santander Finance Preferred SAU 0.09
OMAA OM Asset Management Plc 0.08
WBS E Webster Financial Corp 0.08
ASB D Associated Banc-Corp 0.08
TCB C TCF Financial Corp 0.08
TMK B Torchmark Corp 0.08
SLRA Solar Capital Ltd 0.07
BGCA BGC Partners Inc 0.07
ISG ING Groep NV 0.07
FHN A First Horizon National Corp 0.06
C J Citigroup Inc 0.06
WRB C WR Berkley Corp 0.06
HBANN Huntington Bancshares Inc/OH 0.06
ISP ING Groep NV 0.01
ALLY A GMAC Capital Trust I 0.00
SOJA Southern Co/The 0.77
SCE F SCE Trust I 0.68
DRUA Dominion Resources Inc/VA 0.58
NEE J NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 0.54
SOJB Southern Co/The 0.54
NEE I NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 0.44
DTY DTE Energy Co 0.38
DUKH Duke Energy Corp 0.38
EZT Entergy Texas Inc 0.36
NEE K NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 0.34
PPX PPL Capital Funding Inc 0.33
WEC Integrys Holding Inc 0.30
NEE G NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 0.26
SCE J SCE Trust IV 0.25
SCE-PK SCE Trust V 0.23
DTJ DTE Energy Co 0.22
NEE H NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 0.21
ELJ Entergy Louisiana LLC 0.19
EAI Entergy Arkansas Inc 0.18
EMP Entergy Mississippi Inc 0.18
BGE B BGE Capital Trust II 0.18
IPL D Interstate Power & Light Co 0.15
ELC Entergy Louisiana LLC 0.15
ENO Entergy New Orleans Inc 0.14
SCE H SCE Trust III 0.14
PCG A Pacific Gas & Electric Co 0.11
EAB Entergy Arkansas Inc 0.02
Real Estate
PSA B Public Storage 0.48
KIM I Kimco Realty Corp 0.41
VNO I Vornado Realty Trust 0.40
PSA E Public Storage 0.34
VNO K Vornado Realty Trust 0.30
PSB T PS Business Parks Inc 0.30
PSA D Public Storage 0.28
SNHNI Senior Housing Properties Trust 0.26
DLR H Digital Realty Trust Inc 0.26
PSA W Public Storage 0.25
NNN E National Retail Properties Inc 0.24
GOVNI Government Properties Income Trust 0.23
NNN F National Retail Properties Inc 0.23
PSA C Public Storage 0.22
PSA Z Public Storage 0.22
DLR G Digital Realty Trust Inc 0.21
DDR J DDR Corp 0.20
VTR WI Ventas Realty LP / Ventas Capital Corp 0.19
SNHNL Senior Housing Properties Trust 0.19
DLR I Digital Realty Trust Inc 0.19
SLG I SL Green Realty Corp 0.18
PSB W PS Business Parks Inc 0.18
PSA A Public Storage 0.16
PSA S Public Storage 0.16
PSA Y Public Storage 0.15
DFT C DuPont Fabros Technology Inc 0.15
EQCO Equity Commonwealth 0.14
PSB V PS Business Parks Inc 0.13
VNO L Vornado Realty Trust 0.12
EPR F EPR Properties 0.08
WPG I Washington Prime Group Inc 0.08
BXP B Boston Properties Inc 0.07
KIM J Kimco Realty Corp 0.04
KRC H Kilroy Realty Corp 0.04
Telecommunication Services
CTY Qwest Corp 0.72
CTBB Qwest Corp 0.70
TDI Telephone & Data Systems Inc 0.41
VZA Verizon Communications Inc 0.39
CTV Qwest Corp 0.32
CTX Qwest Corp 0.31
UZA United States Cellular Corp 0.27
CTZ Qwest Corp 0.26
CTU Qwest Corp 0.26
UZC United States Cellular Corp 0.24
TDA Telephone & Data Systems Inc 0.21
UZB United States Cellular Corp 0.20
CTDD Qwest Corp 0.20
CTW Qwest Corp 0.18
CTAA Qwest Corp 0.14
GEK General Electric Co 0.66
SWJ Stanley Black & Decker Inc 0.56
GEH General Electric Co 0.52
GEB General Electric Co 0.43
PBI B Pitney Bowes Inc 0.32
GMTA GATX Corp 0.10
NSS NuStar Logistics LP 0.27
NS A NuStar Energy LP 0.18
NUSRP NuStar Energy LP 0.17
NGLS A Targa Resources Partners LP 0.10
Information Technology
EBAYL eBay Inc 0.58
Consumer Discretionary
CCV Comcast Corp 0.21
DD B EI du Pont de Nemours & Co 0.14