VRP - PowerShares Variable Rate Preferred Portfolio

Fund Holdings

Fund holdings are subject to change.

Group by Sector:
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as of 09/23/2016
Sector Total  Ticker  Company  % of Fund 
ALLY A GMAC Capital Trust I 4.39
92978AAA0 Wachovia Capital Trust III 3.97
C N Citigroup Capital XIII 3.67
WFC Q Wells Fargo & Co 2.96
PNC P PNC Financial Services Group Inc/The 2.83
C K Citigroup Inc 2.71
744320AM4 Prudential Financial Inc 2.51
USB M US Bancorp 2.11
GS D Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 1.88
USB N US Bancorp 1.79
MS I Morgan Stanley 1.76
744320AL6 Prudential Financial Inc 1.74
C J Citigroup Inc 1.70
GS J Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 1.67
744320AV4 Prudential Financial Inc 1.66
MS E Morgan Stanley 1.61
MS F Morgan Stanley 1.58
WFC R Wells Fargo & Co 1.57
USB H US Bancorp 1.55
MS A Morgan Stanley 1.50
171232AP6 Chubb Corp/The 1.50
MER K Merrill Lynch Capital Trust I 1.47
020002BB6 Allstate Corp/The 1.38
STT D State Street Corp 1.36
HGH Hartford Financial Services Group Inc/The 1.26
GS K Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 1.24
45685EAG1 Voya Financial Inc 1.21
85748DAA7 State Street Capital Trust IV 1.09
48123KAA4 JPMorgan Chase Capital XXI 1.08
744320AK8 Prudential Financial Inc 1.04
GS A Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 1.03
MER P Merrill Lynch Capital Trust III 1.02
MET A MetLife Inc 1.01
381427AA1 Goldman Sachs Capital II 0.99
ALL B Allstate Corp/The 0.95
RF B Regions Financial Corp 0.92
FITBI Fifth Third Bancorp 0.91
534187AS8 Lincoln National Corp 0.90
416515AW4 Hartford Financial Services Group Inc/The 0.88
91731KAA8 USB Capital IX 0.88
STT G State Street Corp 0.87
RZA Reinsurance Group of America Inc 0.80
744320AN2 Prudential Financial Inc 0.80
48123UAA2 JPMorgan Chase Capital XXIII 0.79
RZB Reinsurance Group of America Inc 0.76
58551TAA5 Mellon Capital IV 0.66
637432MT9 National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp 0.65
74251VAL6 Principal Financial Group Inc 0.64
KEY H KeyCorp 0.62
534187AU3 Lincoln National Corp 0.62
05518VAA3 BAC Capital Trust XIV 0.59
BML L Bank of America Corp 0.58
AHL C Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd 0.55
637432NK7 National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp 0.55
36962G3M4 General Electric Co 0.47
BAC E Bank of America Corp 0.46
AEB Aegon NV 0.43
37247DAG1 Genworth Holdings Inc 0.43
BML H Bank of America Corp 0.39
759351AE9 Reinsurance Group of America Inc 0.38
SAN B Santander Finance Preferred SAU 0.35
852891AB6 StanCorp Financial Group Inc 0.32
BML J Bank of America Corp 0.32
299808AE5 Everest Reinsurance Holdings Inc 0.31
ZB G Zions Bancorporation 0.31
GS C Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The 0.29
STI A SunTrust Banks Inc 0.28
SNV C Synovus Financial Corp 0.26
WTFCM Wintrust Financial Corp 0.25
AHL A Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd 0.23
VLY A Valley National Bancorp 0.23
FNB E FNB Corp/PA 0.23
38144QAA7 Goldman Sachs Capital III 0.23
RSO C Resource Capital Corp 0.16
89356BAB4 Transcanada Trust 2.02
89352HAC3 TransCanada PipeLines Ltd 1.25
89356BAA6 Transcanada Trust 1.20
293791AW9 Enterprise Products Operating LLC 1.15
293791AV1 Enterprise Products Operating LLC 0.79
NSS NuStar Logistics LP 0.71
NGLS A Targa Resources Partners LP 0.23
290876AD3 Emera Inc 2.05
25746UBY4 Dominion Resources Inc/VA 1.13
976657AH9 WEC Energy Group Inc 0.69
WEC Integrys Holding Inc 0.68
SCE J SCE Trust IV 0.65
SCE-PK SCE Trust V 0.60
SCE H SCE Trust III 0.57
302570AW6 NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 0.42
Consumer Staples
CHSCM CHS Inc 0.98
CHSCN CHS Inc 0.88
854502AF8 Stanley Black & Decker Inc 0.68
36830GAA2 GE Capital Trust I 0.24