KBWD - Invesco KBW High Dividend Yield Financial ETF

Fund Holdings

Fund holdings are subject to change.

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as of 09/13/2019
Holding Name Coupon Rate Maturity Next Call Date S&P/Moody's Rating† Weight
Two Harbors Investment Corp N/A NR/NR 4.50%
Orchid Island Capital Inc N/A NR/NR 3.91%
BGC Partners Inc N/A NR/NR 3.83%
New York Mortgage Trust Inc N/A NR/NR 3.62%
Annaly Capital Management Inc N/A NR/NR 3.58%
AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc N/A NR/NR 3.56%
Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp N/A NR/NR 3.48%
New Residential Investment Corp N/A NR/NR 3.47%
ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc N/A NR/NR 3.44%
FS KKR Capital Corp N/A NR/NR 3.38%
Arlington Asset Investment Corp N/A NR/NR 3.27%
Dynex Capital Inc N/A NR/NR 3.24%
MFA Financial Inc N/A NR/NR 3.19%
Oxford Square Capital Corp N/A NR/NR 3.17%
Chimera Investment Corp N/A NR/NR 3.15%
Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc N/A NR/NR 3.11%
AGNC Investment Corp N/A NR/NR 3.02%
Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc N/A NR/NR 3.02%
BlackRock Capital Investment Corp N/A NR/NR 2.71%
New York Community Bancorp Inc N/A NR/NR 2.37%
THL Credit Inc N/A NR/NR 2.31%
Monroe Capital Corp N/A NR/NR 2.16%
Janus Henderson Group PLC N/A NR/NR 2.03%
Lazard Ltd N/A NR/NR 1.96%
Oritani Financial Corp N/A NR/NR 1.92%
PacWest Bancorp N/A NR/NR 1.86%
Moelis & Co N/A NR/NR 1.83%
Waddell & Reed Financial Inc N/A NR/NR 1.83%
Invesco Ltd N/A NR/NR 1.51%
Umpqua Holdings Corp N/A NR/NR 1.49%
Valley National Bancorp N/A NR/NR 1.37%
Navient Corp N/A NR/NR 1.34%
Legg Mason Inc N/A NR/NR 1.33%
People's United Financial Inc N/A NR/NR 1.31%
Principal Financial Group Inc N/A NR/NR 1.25%
Hanmi Financial Corp N/A NR/NR 1.16%
Mercury General Corp N/A NR/NR 1.11%
Federated Investors Inc N/A NR/NR 1.02%
Triton International Ltd/Bermuda N/A NR/NR 2.25%
Aircastle Ltd N/A NR/NR 1.96%

† Credit ratings are assigned by Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations based on assessment of the credit worthiness of the underlying bond issuers. The ratings range from AAA (highest) to D (lowest) and are subject to change. Not rated indicates the debtor was not rated, and should not be interpreted as indicating low quality. For more information on rating methodologies, please visit the following NRSRO websites: standardandpoors.com and select "Understanding Ratings" under Rating Resources; moodys.com and select "Rating Methodologies" under Research and Ratings.