Growing your business with corporate 529 plans

As employee benefit costs rise, HR departments are looking for ideas that can help employees with little-to-no cost to the company. More companies are viewing college savings benefits as part of the overall financial well-being of their employees.

Corporate 529s: Good for businesses and employees alike

Corporations and families love the idea of having easy access to a 529 college savings plan, so the biggest challenge for advisors is to make sure clients are aware of the 529 story.

Many corporations have been focused on health care, as of late, so offering 529 plans as a benefit is not top of mind at many companies. The advisor has to be persistent and constantly offer lunch-and-learns and other types of education programs for HR staff. Advisors also need to make sure that employees are educated on 529 plans.

Presentation preparation

Before presenting a 529 plan to corporate clients, advisors need to do their due diligence on the following topics:

It's very important to know the details of not only the benefits of a 529 plan, but also how the chosen college savings plan compares with other plans. It's also important to specifically detail how you as an advisor will help support the 529 program benefit in terms of increasing enrollment, educating employees and providing communications.

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