Why CollegeBound 529

CollegeBound 529 age-based portfolios represent a compelling new offering for your clients. Duy Nguyen explains how Invesco designed these portfolios to help college savers meet their financial goals through a comprehensive and disciplined process that focuses on 529 best-practices.

Case study: An innovative approach to saving for college

529 college saving plans all have in common the goal of helping investors save and pay for their child's college education, but can differ in their approaches. The Invesco Global Solutions Development and Implementation team has adopted a thoughtful multi-asset approach in designing the age-based portfolios for CollegeBound 529, drawing on extensive experience developing and managing similar customized portfolios to focus on:

  • Client-specific goals. Defining client objectives and seeking to determine a successful investment objective
  • Risk-adjusted focus. Assuming the minimum level of risk needed to pursue a target return
  • Diversification. Broadening the opportunity set to seek improved investment results

Learn more about the Invesco Global Solutions Development and Implementation team and their approach to design the CollegeBound 529 age-based portfolios.

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Diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risk of loss.