The Education section provides advisors information and resources that clearly explain timely, relevant investing concepts through our Rethinking Risk program, research and white papers.


The Rethinking Risk program:

  • provides a fresh look at portfolio construction concepts
  • debunks investment myths
  • discusses basic tenets that all investors need to know

What are your 'returns' really telling you?

There are several ways in which portfolio returns can be conveyed. To understand what "returns" they are getting, it is important for investors to understand the differences between the various methods of measuring returns and the significance of what they represent.

Why it's important to start playing defense early in retirement

A retiree's goals are more focused on preserving hard-earned savings while also generating enough income to fund a comfortable retirement. And once you begin making withdrawals from your savings, the sequence of returns can make a big difference.

Volatility: Past, present and future

Helps investors understand volatility, focus on the elements they can control, and prepare their portfolios for what's to come.

Five truths every investor needs to know

No matter what investors do with their money, there are risks involved that could derail financial goals. If they invest, they could suffer losses. If they don't, inflation can erode the value of their savings. For investors to reach their goals, all of these risks need to be anticipated and managed through a solid financial plan.

The tale of 10 days

Missing the "10 best days" of market performance drags down the value of your portfolio. So says conventional investment wisdom that urges investors to stay invested over time and avoid market-timing strategies so that the market's top-performance days aren't missed. But the best days are only part of the story.