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Communications & Conversations

With the goal of overcoming the challenges in connecting with clients, prospects and peers.

Tell Me More

Creating More Clients in 15 Words or Less

The financial services industry's three-minute elevator speech is too long, too "me" and too mechanical for today's sound-bite society.

When you're asked what you do for a living, your response should be so creative, concise and compelling that your prospective clients respond with "Tell Me More."

Invesco Consulting partnered with Hollywood scriptwriters - the specialists in captivating today's audiences with the goal of finding a new and better approach for financial professionals. The result is a new application of Hollywood's most powerful sales techniques. The easily learned process is designed to guide you through a series of steps to help you select what to say, how to say it and how to reduce it down to 15 words or less.

Boardroom Presenting

What Matters Most in Winning High-Stakes Presentations

Presenting in a boardroom is unlike any other setting – part monologue, part dialogue, part presentation and part improvisation. The dynamics are unique and the stakes are high, so Invesco Consulting teamed up with the word specialists and political consulting firm, Maslansky + Partners (ML+P) to apply their unique instant dial response technology to the language of the boardroom.

Maslansky + Partners - well known for shifting public opinion with phrases like "Contract with America," "Death Tax" and "Energy Exploration" - tested boardroom language and strategies with more than 100 focus group participants and a 300-person survey between 2007 and 2011. Participants will be shown preparation tactics, seating strategies, presentation skills and group presentation skills in this highly interactive workshop designed to help presenters to win the boardroom meetings.

Boardroom Personalities

Winning high-stakes presentations in boardrooms filled with dissimilar people

The boardroom is filled with diverse personalities. They will evaluate you, your team and your proposal through different lenses. Your words, style and agenda may resonate with some while disengaging others.

So how do you build a consensus in one meeting with a diverse group? Learn the new skills in "Boardroom Personalities."

In the program, you will be introduced to four key personality types, how they view things differently and adjustments you can make as a presenter.

The interactive keynote begins with self-discovering your personality type. You will be introduced to potential strengths and weaknesses common to others with your personality type while presenting and adjustments you can make to resonate with more people. Finally, you will be shown how to structure your presentation so it will likely resonate with the right people at the right time.

M.A.I.N. Street

The Language of Risk

The largest ongoing study ever done on the language of financial services.

Are investors interested in "minimizing losses" or "asset protection"? Do they want to be "educated" or "informed" about risks? Do they want to "plan forward" or "plan backward"?

Invesco Consulting teamed up with the political consultants and word specialists, Maslansky + Partners, to find out. Maslansky + Partners, well known for shifting public opinion with phrases like "Contract with America," "Death Tax" and "Energy Exploration," applied their unique, and we have leveraged their findings in an effort to find out how to make investment risks understandable, motivational and actionable for investors.

Fi-natical Curiosity

Questions Create Answers. Curiosity Creates Connections.

How can you earn more business from your clients? Curiosity. "Fi-natical Curiosity" (the sequel to "StorySelling for Financial Advisors") focuses on embracing the power of curiosity to capture up to 70% more of the clients' assets*. Believing that it's "who they are, not just what they have," this program seeks to teach you how to learn as much about your clients as possible in the shortest period of time by using the natural order of curiosity and the Q-cards for financial advisors.

* Prince & Associates, 2004


The Unmasking of Asking

"Preferrals" is designed to help advisors overcome their apprehension of asking for referrals. The research-based approach seeks to transform the outdated and potentially-harming referral into a low-risk offer to help friends, colleagues and family members based on the advisor's genuine concerns. The program not only introduces advisors to key principles; it also aims to help them personalize their "Preferrals" for immediate application.

New Word Order

It's Not What You Say. It's What People Hear.

Which words resonate with investors today? "Dream retirement" or "comfortable retirement"? "Financial freedom" or "financial security"? "Investment solutions" or "investment strategies"? Invesco Consulting joined forces with the word specialists and political consulting firm Maslansky + Partners with the goal of helping financial advisors communicate more effectively with their clients.

Maslansky + Partners, well known for shifting public opinion with phrases like "Contract with America," "death tax" and "energy exploration," applied their unique scientific research to communications about investments. After five years of research, 15 dial sessions and 4,300 investors surveyed, we have identified today's "New Word Order".

In this presentation, you will be shown what we believe are the universal communication principles, the words and phrases and the order of communications.

StorySelling for Financial Advisors

Making the Unknown, Known, by Using the Familiar

Highly persuasive financial professionals engage clients by translating Wall Street jargon into Main Street values using metaphors, analogies, anecdotes and illustrations. This communication style potentially allows them to better serve their clients' financial needs — and sell more effectively in the process.

In "StorySelling for Financial Advisors," attendees will be provided with tools designed to lead investors to faster and more confident decisions, to incorporate emotion and experiences into their conversations and learn successful stories used by top financial professionals.

High Net Worth (HNW)

Transforming your HNW business with client acquisition and retention strategies.


Building Strategic Relationships with Attorneys and Accountants for a Pipeline of New Affluent Clients

It's likely every financial advisor in the country would like to work with fewer but wealthier clients. The question is, "How?"

One potentially accurate and reliable way to answer that question is to study the strategies of advisors who have achieved it, and that's exactly what Invesco Consulting, in partnership with Prince & Associates, has done.

Prince & Associates research shows that there are 1,200 financial advisors in the U.S. who have netted more than $1 million per year for three consecutive years*. The vast majority of these advisors reached this exclusive club by building strategic relationships that generated a steady stream of affluent referrals.

In this presentation, our goal is to teach you the process used by this elite group of advisors to forge these partnerships and build their businesses.

* Prince & Associates, 2003. Used with permission.

Practice Management

With the goal of maximizing your "return on effort" with best-in-class practice management techniques.

Brand U

Seeking to create the Million-Dollar Brand That's Personalized for You and Your Business

Financial advisors face a competitive marketplace. To succeed, even the best ones must stand out. But few have the time - or expertise - to build lasting personal brands and create effective marketing materials.

The "Brand U" team at Invesco Consulting has years of experience in advertising account direction, copywriting and graphic design. We hope to teach you how to get the marketing help you need to grow your practice.

Your Prosperity Picture

Manage Your Money. Design Your Life. Create Your Future.

Women are often conflicted about money. On one hand, they're more financially powerful than they ever have been, according to the Federal Reserve, controlling 51% of all wealth in the United States.1 On the other hand, 60% of them describe their investing and planning skills as "below average."2

"Your Prosperity Picture" seeks to help financial advisors build assets by bridging that divide with an entertaining, interactive, and inspirational approach rarely seen in the industry. Attendees are introduced to the key steps to creating prosperity, participate in five interactive discussions, and work with a unique hands-on visualization tool to help them connect their money with their lives. They leave armed with tools to potentially see personal financial management as a powerful means to a desirable end, see themselves as worthy, capable managers, and see their financial advisor as a valuable partner in helping them get there.

1. Financial Advisor magazine, "Financial Advisors Need to Focus More on Female Clients," by Mike Byrnes, December 2012. Used with permission.

2. Real Simple magazine "Women and Money," by Geraldine Sealey, September, 2012. http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/money/planning/womenandmoney-00100000086161/index.html


Navigating today's retirement of changing regulations, client conversations and investment opportunities.

The New Retirementality

Help Them Find It; Help Them Fund It.

According to www.americanseniorpublishing.com, Boomers are turning 50 at the rate of 12,000 per day, or one every eight seconds. As they approach age 65, they are likely to turn the notion of traditional retirement on its head. Today's retirees and pre-retirees are interested in pursuing their own dreams and goals, at their own pace, and on their own terms. The problem is that, even though they're thinking very differently about retirement, the financial services industry isn't talking to them differently about it. "The New Retirementality" seeks to provide a fresh perspective for advisors to talk with their suitable clients about retirement, as well as the necessary tools to help them find and fund their retirement lifestyle.

Retirement 2014 Continuing Education (CE) Webinar Series

  • The Changing Retirement Opportunity
  • Roth IRAs: Eight Ways In, Two Ways Out
  • Seven Things You Should Know About IRA Distributions
  • Clearing the Heir: Helping IRA Beneficiaries Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • What Happens When a Pension Fails?
  • From Capitol Hill to Main Street
  • The Social Security Conversation
  • Three Retirement Risks Every Woman Should Know

Market Intelligence

Gaining a sharper perspective on global markets, economic trends and portfolio strategies.

"Tell Me More" is based on our firm's research with John Evans (Screenwriter) and Bob DeRosa (Screenwriter) in October 2011. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with either John Evans or Bob DeRosa.

"Boardroom Presenting" is based on our firm's research with Jim Morel of JAM Consulting (2000) and Maslansky + Partners (2007-2011). Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Jim Morel, JAM Consulting or Maslansky + Partners.

"Boardroom Personalities" is based on research conducted by Advisor Insights, Inc. (2000) and JAM Consulting (2000). Used with permission. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with either Advisor Insights, Inc. or JAM Consulting.

"M.A.I.N. Street" is based on our firm's research with Maslansky + Partners 2007-2012. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Maslansky + Partners.

"Fi-natical Curiosity" is based on our firm's work with Russ Alan Prince, Prince & Associates, "The Question Guys" (Bret Nicholaus and Paul Lowrie) as well as the book, Wealth Management: The New Business Model for Financial Advisors, by Russ Alan Prince and Hannah Shaw Grove (2003), published by Penton Media. Used with permission. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with any of these parties.

"Preferrals" is based on our firm's research with Prince & Associates (January 2013), Advantage Coaching and Training (2012) and Invesco Consulting I-Dials Language Testing with Maslansky + Partners (September 2012). Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Prince & Associates, Advantage Coaching and Training or Maslansky + Partners .

"New Word Order" is based on our firm's ongoing research with Maslansky + Partners. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Maslansky + Partners.

"StorySelling" is based on the book, StorySelling for Financial Advisors: How Top Producers Sell by Scott West and Mitch Anthony (2000) published by Kaplan Publishing. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Mitch Anthony.

"RainMaker" is based on research conducted by Prince & Associates in 2000, 2003 and 2010 and on the book, RainMaker: Strategic Partnering with Attorneys and Accountants to Create a Pipeline of New Affluent Clients, by Russ Alan Prince and Brett Van Bortel (2006) published by the National Underwriter Company. All data contained within this material can be attributed to one of these sources unless otherwise noted. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Prince & Associates or Russ Alan Prince. This program is neutral to the practice of fee-sharing with accountants or attorneys. This program espouses the potential benefits of using indirect financial incentives as one of the ways to build your business, and should be considered in conjunction with your firm's overall review of its business practices for potential conflicts. Please note that the term "partnership" in this context does not signify a formal legal relationship, but is simply intended to describe a mutual, informal relationship among professionals.

"Your Prosperity Picture" is based on our firm's research with Maslansky + Partners (2007-2011) and Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®, wealth advisor, and Abundance ActivistTM (2008). Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Maslansky + Partners or Ellen Rogin.

"The New Retirementality" is based on The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams... At Any Age You Want, Second Edition by Mitch Anthony (2006) published by Kaplan Business. Used with permission. Invesco Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Mitch Anthony.

Invesco Consulting programs are for illustrative, informational and educational purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation of the suitability of any investment strategy for a particular investor. If the illustrations described herein are used outside of the designated audience, it is the respective user's responsibility to ensure that such material complies with all applicable regulations and is filed with the appropriate regulatory bodies if so required. We make no guarantee that participation in any of these programs or utilization of any presented content will result in increased business.

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