Sevens: Research-based lists on what to do or not to do to get, keep and grow business

New Word Order

7 Words and Phrases to Avoid When Addressing Risks with Investors

  1. Me/My
  2. New and improved
  3. Exposure
  4. Predict the markets
  5. Risk threshold
  6. Managing longevity risk
  7. Not correlated to the market

From the Invesco Consulting program, M.A.I.N. Street, The Language of Risk

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Boardroom Presenting

7 Things to Avoid in the Boardroom

  1. Sitting where you don't have sightlines with the decisionmakers
  2. Presentations without page/slide numbers
  3. Unrehearsed openers
  4. Generic pitch books
  5. Undefined roles when presenting in teams
  6. Glancing at your Blackberry or phone
  7. Not being ready for "yes"

From the Invesco Consulting program, Boardroom Presenting

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StorySelling for Financial Advisors

7 Analogies that Simplify Investing

  1. You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can change the direction of your sails.
  2. Investing with one security in your portfolio is a little like golfing with one club in your bag.
  3. Investment decisions based only on historical performance is a little like driving while looking in your rearview mirror.
  4. Investing is not a sprint. It's a marathon.
  5. Battles aren't lost in the field. They're lost in the planning. That's why investors need a long-term financial plan.
  6. Even the safest ships have lifeboats. That's why even growth portfolios should include downside protection.
  7. The only one who gets hurt on a roller coaster is the one who jumps off.

From the Invesco Consulting program, StorySelling for Financial Advisors

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7 Secrets of HNW Client Acquisition

  1. 68.6% of the wealthy found their primary advisor through an attorney or CPA. Shouldn't you look for the wealthy where they look for you?
  2. If you want introductions to an attorney or CPA's clients, you must manage them with the same care as a top client. Do you know the attorney's favorite pastime?
  3. There is no such thing as a referral from an attorney or CPA, only joint venture business. Do you have a strategy to build a communication strategy with them on their clients?
  4. 3 is more than 30. This is called the Law of Small Numbers. The research proves less is more productive. How do you find the right ones?
  5. Some attorneys and CPAs will take referrals, but never give them. Do you know the telltale signs of these time-wasters?
  6. The most successful advisors in the country have figured out how to trump your referral into an attorney to win them over. Do you know how to deliver economic glue to your partnerships?
  7. Elite advisors have cracked the code on creating a referral annuity, but a goal without a plan is a dream. Do you have a dream, or do you have RainMaker?

From the Invesco Consulting program, RainMaker

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Tell Me More

7 Provocative Phrases to Spice Up Your Value Proposition

I Help

1. At-risk investors

Who Want

2. Financial security
3. To relay wealth
4. To grow the family tree

And overcome

5. Outdated portfolios
6 .The tax invasion


7. Team-built plans

From the Invesco Consulting program, RainMaker

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