DBE - Invesco DB Energy Fund

Fund Holdings

Fund holdings are subject to change.

Group by Sector:
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as of 07/19/2019
Sector Total  Ticker  Company  % of Fund 
XBF0 NYMEX Reformulated Gasoline Blendstock for Oxygen Blending R 23.33
HOM0 NYMEX NY Harbor ULSD Futures 22.51
CLH0 NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil Future 22.05
COF0 ICE Brent Crude Oil Future 22.02
NGK20 NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures 10.09
U.S. Government Securities
912796QV4 United States Treasury Bill 34.51
912796RF8 United States Treasury Bill 14.21
912796SB6 United States Treasury Bill 12.09
912796RA9 United States Treasury Bill 5.09
Investment Companies
CLTL Invesco Treasury Collateral ETF 30.15
IUGXX Premier US Government Money Portfolio 3.05
VM Mark to Market Gain or Loss 0.93