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PowerShares University is a series of live education events hosted by PowerShares throughout the year, please go to for the current schedule and event details.


Financial Professionals: Please log in to view the list of webinars.

Financial Professionals: Please log in to view the list of webinars.

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Financial Professionals: Please log in to view the list of webinars.

Financial Professionals: Please log in to view the list of webinars.


Fixed Income ETF Liquidity

23 September, 2015

Exchange-traded funds are an increasingly popular means of accessing the fixed income markets. Due in large part to their tax efficiency, liquidity and transparency, fixed income ETF volumes have grown to $336 billion and adoption rates continue to rise. Now, Institutional Investor Journals is teaming up with Invesco PowerShares and Cantor Fitzgerald to showcase the power of this often-misunderstood investment vehicle. We’re hosting a webcast for investors who want to learn more about fixed income ETFs ��� from a high-level overview of the fixed income landscape to the nuts and bolts of specific ETF investment strategies.

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The Evolved Commodity ETF Landscape and Diversification Benefits

11 December, 2014

Commodities have been in the headlines lately as many feel global economies will remain in a deflationary mode. However, smart advisors are seeing value in commodities and are beginning to re-position for 2015. Join Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, as he moderates this discussion on:

  • New developments in the Commodity ETF Market
  • The long-standing benefits of futures-based commodity investing
  • How commodities perform in different areas of the business cycle
  • How future contracts are rolled, and the effect collateral can have on returns
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Expanding the Advisor Toolbox with High Conviction Smart Beta Strategies

22 October, 2014

Advisor demand for smart beta indices continues to grow at a rapid pace. As you sort through the number of products proliferating the space, it's important to understand that this concept is not new. It's also imperative that advisors not rely solely on back tested data often presented with many budding strategies, but rather consider a high-conviction management firm with strategies that have live, time-tested track records.

As early pioneers in 2003 - today offering the largest and broadest set of smart beta ETFs with the longest track record – Invesco PowerShares experts offer a perspective based on time-tested research.

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Liquid Alternatives: Bridging the Gap for Retail Investors

13 August, 2014

Against the backdrop of an aging bull market, historically low bond yields, the unwinding of unprecedented Fed intervention and the expectations of greater volatility ahead, investors can implement alternative strategies to help seek consistent returns with lower correlation to the market.  Learn what types of alternative strategies are available to retail investors in the benefit-rich ETP structure and how they can be applied to potentially achieve better risk-adjusted returns.

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