Participant Communication

Invesco Consulting began New Word Order research by teaming with political consultants and word specialists Maslansky + Partners. We used a unique "dial session" research technology to measure investors' emotional response to words, jargon and phrases common in DC plans. During these sessions, investors registered their responses to what they heard by turning a remote control dial up for positive and down for negative. We used the responses to determine "words to use" and "words to lose." We then validated our findings by surveying investors nationally. And here's what we found — it's not what you say, it's what people hear.

Pensions & Investments Interview: The Language of Alternatives

Invesco Consulting's Gary DeMoss discusses words and phrases to use and lose when communicating alternative investment strategies with participants.

New Word Order Research Brief

Covers "words to use" and "words to lose," along with four communication principles every plan sponsor should know.

'Finglish' Is the Problem

In this humorous video, Invesco Consulting's David Saylor asks people to define commonly used "financial English" as part of the Financial Security Project at Boston College.

When Possible, Use English: The Wall Street Journal on Invesco Consulting's Language Research

The following video contains tips for communicating with investors.

PLANSPONSOR Interview with Scott West, Head of Invesco Consulting

Scott West discusses the New Word Order language study and the key principles to be mindful of when communicating with investors

IDCI board members specializing in asset participant communications

Gary DeMoss
Managing Director
Invesco Consulting
Dave Saylor
Executive Director
Invesco Consulting