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What we do

Our dedicated team of wholesalers provides specialized sales support for variable products, including:

  • A broad scope of educational materials focused on variable products.
  • Dynamic practice management resources to help you diversify client portfolios and grow your variable product business.

Our wide range of investment product options are available through these variable product carriers:

Your Tax-deferral Tools

Our education tools can help you demonstrate to your clients the potential benefits of tax-deferred investment products in retirement planning.

Helping You Get Back to Basics

Do your clients need help with basic industry terminology? Our "back to basics" materials cover a variety of topics:

Basic Industry Terminology

Advance Your Knowledge

Sharing knowledge can help you strengthen relationships with current and prospective clients. We offer a variety of informative Insights and timely blog posts from investment professionals, market and economic experts, and retirement experts that you can share with your clients. Our experts include:

  • Thomas Rowley, Director of Retirement Business Strategy
  • Jon Vogler, Senior Analyst, Retirement Research
  • John Greenwood, Chief Economist

Invesco Blog

Invesco's Intentional Investing Forum Blog provides you access to an informative series of retirement blogs and much more. Interact with our retirement experts, portfolio managers, market strategists and economists.


Read market insights and commentary from our experienced investment professionals. Insights on topics including:

  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Market & Economic

Your Strategic Business Resources

We offer a variety of value-added resources to help you build your business, including newsletters, presentations and practice management resources.

Strengthen Your Client Interaction

Communication is critical to client satisfaction:

  • 92% of affluent investors would likely add money with advisors who provide excellent investment performance and excellent communication.1
  • But only 15% of affluent investors would likely add money with advisors who provide excellent investment performance and poor communication.1

With our creative Invesco Consulting programs, grounded in original research and focused on advisor-client conversations, you can enhance your communications with clients.

1 Source: Prince & Associates. April 2013 survey of 214 affluent investors.

Invesco Consulting programs are for illustrative, ifnoramtional and educational purposes only. We make no guarantee that participation in these programs or utilization of any of their content will result in increased business. These programs do not constitute a recommendation of the suitability of any investment strategy for a particular investor.

The opinions expressed are those of the author and are subject to change without notice. These opinions may differ from those of other Invesco investment professionals.

Invesco Variable Insurance Funds

Invesco offers separate investment options to insurance companies as investment choices in their variable annuity or variable life insurance contracts. The Invesco V.I. funds cover both domestic and global markets, providing a wide array of portfolio options for investors saving for retirement.

The Invesco variable insurance funds are used soley as investment vehicles by insurance company separate accounts to fund variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance policies. Shares of funds cannot be purchased directly. Invesco Distributors, Inc. does not offer any variable products.