We offer a broad suite of domestic and global strategies to meet your goals, including traditional equities, quantitative equities and fixed income, as well as alternatives such as absolute return, private equity, real estate and financial structures.

High-quality results begin with specialized insight and disciplined oversight

Great ideas transcend borders. With more than 600 dedicated investment professionals worldwide and an operational network spanning over 20 countries, Invesco has the global capability to deliver our best ideas to investors around the world. Our "investors first" approach is built on a wide range of Investment Capabilities.

A Wide Range of Investment Capabilities

Commitment to investment excellence

We believe the best investment insights come from specialized investment teams with discrete investment perspectives, operating under a disciplined philosophy and process with strong risk oversight and quality controls.

Investment-centric culture

Invesco has more than 600 investment professionals around the globe, with access to advanced investment technology, proprietary tools and platforms. We minimize non-investment distractions for these professionals and compensate them through a competitive reward system that aligns pay with investment performance and recognizes talent.

Disciplined, repeatable investment philosophy and process

Each discrete investment team has a clearly articulated investment philosophy and process that is aligned with client expectations.

Performance measurement and risk assessment

Within each investment team and across Invesco, independent risk management controls and processes drive transparency throughout the organization. The CIOs, executive management, fund boards and the Invesco board all provide oversight and seek to ensure quality.

About risk and other important information

This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as investment advice or a recommendation of a particular strategy or product. Nor should it be construed as an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments. As with all investments there are associated inherent risks. Please obtain and review all financial material carefully before investing. Not all strategies or vehicles are available to all invesors or on all platforms. Contact your Invesco representative for more information.