At Invesco, we believe high-conviction portfolios can include actively managed funds, smart beta strategies and traditional passive approaches that are all intentionally chosen and allocated with a client's goals in mind.

Focusing on investment outcomes:
Combining active and passive investments in high-conviction portfolios

In this white paper, we discuss the characteristics of fundamental active, factor-based and passive strategies. We explain how we combine different vehicles in pursuit of better investment outcomes and we look at three different case studies that illustrate specific ways in which fundamental active and factor-based strategies can be combined.

Why invest in average? Five truths about benchmark investing

At Invesco, we believe that a wide variety of strategies can play a role in a well-constructed, high-conviction portfolio. However, investors need to base their decisions on facts, not myths. In this white paper, we examine five common misperceptions about passive, broad-market, cap-weighted benchmark strategies, and we dig deeper to reveal the five truths that investors needs to know when building portfolios.

Getting smart about beta

Smart beta solutions offer a high-conviction approach by providing exposure to objective, rules-based methodologies that harvest returns from specific investment factors. In this white paper, we examine 10 types of smart beta strategies and analyze how they performed over full market cycles and in different economic environments over the past two decades.