PSCE - Invesco S&P SmallCap Energy ETF

Fund Holdings

Fund holdings are subject to change.

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as of 08/23/2019
Holding Name Coupon Rate Maturity Next Call Date S&P/Moody's Rating† Weight
PDC Energy Inc N/A NR/NR 7.75%
Dril-Quip Inc N/A NR/NR 7.65%
Archrock Inc N/A NR/NR 5.35%
SRC Energy Inc N/A NR/NR 4.68%
Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc N/A NR/NR 4.49%
SM Energy Co N/A NR/NR 4.37%
US Silica Holdings Inc N/A NR/NR 3.74%
Oil States International Inc N/A NR/NR 3.71%
SEACOR Holdings Inc N/A NR/NR 3.67%
ProPetro Holding Corp N/A NR/NR 3.59%
Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc N/A NR/NR 3.26%
Par Pacific Holdings Inc N/A NR/NR 2.98%
Whiting Petroleum Corp N/A NR/NR 2.97%
DMC Global Inc N/A NR/NR 2.74%
Nabors Industries Ltd N/A NR/NR 2.62%
Newpark Resources Inc N/A NR/NR 2.61%
C&J Energy Services Inc N/A NR/NR 2.54%
Matrix Service Co N/A NR/NR 2.41%
Denbury Resources Inc N/A NR/NR 2.18%
CONSOL Energy Inc N/A NR/NR 2.10%
Renewable Energy Group Inc N/A NR/NR 2.02%
Bonanza Creek Energy Inc N/A NR/NR 1.87%
Laredo Petroleum Inc N/A NR/NR 1.84%
Penn Virginia Corp N/A NR/NR 1.83%
REX American Resources Corp N/A NR/NR 1.79%
Gulfport Energy Corp N/A NR/NR 1.75%
Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc N/A NR/NR 1.66%
Exterran Corp N/A NR/NR 1.51%
Noble Corp plc N/A NR/NR 1.49%
RPC Inc N/A NR/NR 1.41%
Green Plains Inc N/A NR/NR 1.22%
KLX Energy Services Holdings Inc N/A NR/NR 1.12%
TETRA Technologies Inc N/A NR/NR 0.99%
Era Group Inc N/A NR/NR 0.88%
Geospace Technologies Corp N/A NR/NR 0.78%
Unit Corp N/A NR/NR 0.71%
HighPoint Resources Corp N/A NR/NR 0.59%
Gulf Island Fabrication Inc N/A NR/NR 0.42%
Ring Energy Inc N/A NR/NR 0.39%
Superior Energy Services Inc N/A NR/NR 0.31%

† Credit ratings are assigned by Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations based on assessment of the credit worthiness of the underlying bond issuers. The ratings range from AAA (highest) to D (lowest) and are subject to change. Not rated indicates the debtor was not rated, and should not be interpreted as indicating low quality. For more information on rating methodologies, please visit the following NRSRO websites: and select "Understanding Ratings" under Rating Resources; and select "Rating Methodologies" under Research and Ratings.