2019 Global Market Outlook

See what themes may impact global markets in the new year from Invesco Global Market Strategist Kristina Hooper and her team.

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Invesco 2019 Investment Outlook Series

Each new year brings the promise of a fresh start — but for investors, it's important to understand the global dynamics that have brought us to this point. How do yesterday's elections, monetary policy decisions and geopolitical developments affect tomorrow's opportunities? Working with our investment teams from across the globe, we've developed this 2019 outlook to provide insights that can help you position your portfolio for the future.

Martin L. Flanagan
President and CEO, Invesco Ltd.

Martin L. Flanagan, President and CEO, Invesco Ltd.

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What's in store for US stocks?


We're late in the cycle, but that doesn't necessarily mean a downturn is imminent. Learn more from our CIOs for US Growth and US Value.

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A supportive outlook for international earnings


Most major regions are expected to deliver solid earnings growth in 2019, says our CIO for International Growth Equities.

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What could softening growth mean for fixed income?


Invesco Fixed Income expects to see slowing growth in the second half of 2019. Given this view, the team highlights its outlook for nine bond sectors.

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Which factors are we watching in 2019?


Invesco ETFs discusses two strategies that could help mitigate the new risks of the new year — factors and bond ladders.

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Why diversification should be top-of-mind today


The market's resiliency is likely to be tested in 2019. Learn what the CIO of Invesco Global Solutions sees ahead for stocks, bonds and commodities.

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Exploring alternatives for volatile markets


Concerned about equity returns, volatility and rising rates? Explore several alternatives to consider in the new year.

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