Income Planning

Welcome to the Age of Income

We live at a time when the desire for income has never been greater and achieving it has never been more challenging. As you work to address your evolving income needs, uncover yield in a low-rate environment, and prepare for the risks and opportunities that tomorrow may bring, you can rely on Invesco's intentional approach for practical solutions.

Intentional Income FinderSM

Use the Intentional Income Finder℠ to generate a customized list of income strategies to consider. Then print or email the personalized report to use with your financial advisor.

Step 1
Determine my income needs.

Step 2
Identify my biggest challenge in the current market environment.

Step 3
Choose my top concern as I look to the future.

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Investments in these strategies are subject to certain risks. There can be no guarantee any investment will be successful. Income levels and volatility will vary with market conditions. Investors should consider their own situation and risk tolerance before investing.