WL Ross & Co. LLC

The private equity industry has many sponsors focused on investing smart capital, but none with the heritage of WL Ross & Co. (WLR).

We are proud of our esteemed history and successful track record. But even more importantly, we are confident that our distinctive approach and specialized expertise positions us to identify and capture today’s investment opportunities — and tomorrow’s.

We invite you to explore the philosophy and process of WLR, and discover how we are positioned for the future.

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Not all strategies or vehicles are available to all investors nor in all jurisdictions.

WL Ross & Co. LLC is an investment adviser; it provides investment advisory services to individual and institutional clients and does not sell securities. It is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Invesco Ltd.

Commitment to Investment Excellence

We believe the best investment insights come from specialized investment teams with discrete investment perspectives, operating under a disciplined philosophy and process framework with strong risk oversight.