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We believe factor investing has the potential to drive more precise investment and asset allocation decisions in an attempt to optimize a truly diversified portfolio targeting a specific risk/return objective.

Factors can be viewed as the DNA, or building blocks, of an investment portfolio. Historically, they have carried certain traits and behaviors. When combined, factors can act as the building blocks of a diversified portfolio.

What's your client's factor exposure?

The Factor eXposure Tool can help identify the underlying factor exposure in a wide variety of equity investments. Invesco's digital tool allows you to:

Evaluate Factor Performance

Assess the diversity in factor performance over time, by calendar year through the factor eXposure tool.

View Interactive sample portfolios

Adjust equity allocations to three pre-built, common asset allocation portfolios to see the underlying factor exposure.

Build your own portfolio

Uncover the factor exposure of an equity ETF or mutual fund by entering the ticker or fund name into the tool.

Evaluate an individual position

Create your own equity portfolio from Morningstar categories, common indexes and individual mutual funds and ETFs.

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Examining sector and factor performance in the third quarter of 2016

The high beta, value and size factors outperformed the broad-market S&P 500 Index by a sizeable margin during the third quarter. The S&P 500 Index rose a healthy 3.85%, but 14 smart beta strategies and two smaller-cap indices all outperformed the broader market.