Invesco Consulting

Today's fast-paced investment world calls for more efficient, creative sales efforts designed to meet more complex financial goals. To this end, Invesco Consulting (I•C) is Invesco's contribution to educating financial professionals in the art and science of persuasion and high professional achievement. Whether that means improving storytelling and communication skills, mastering boardroom presentations or building a high-net-worth client base, I•C is dedicated to continuously advising professionals on how to better meet their goals and their clients' goals.

I•C was founded in 1998, and with 25+ specialized programs and staff presenters across the board, it has helped more than 600,900 financial advisors, high-net-worth teams, variable annuity producers, retirement specialists and home office managers get, keep and grow business through our speaking engagements from December 2001 through December 2016.

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