Invesco Consulting

Invesco Consulting (I•C), wholly owned by Invesco, specializes in unique and creative ideas for financial professionals. Each of our 25 compelling programs -- based on leading-edge research and organized into 5 sales consulting disciplines --are designed to help you turn your biggest challenges into opportunities. Whether you need to improve your communication skills with clients and prospects, build and maintain your high-net-worth client base, or master today's fast-changing retirement landscape, we have multiple programs tailored to fit your needs.

Our staff of 12 presenters, developers and support staff is dedicated to finding actionable answers to the unique challenges within financial services. Founded in 1998, I•C has helped more than 500,904 financial advisors, high net worth teams, variable annuity producers, retirement specialists and home office managers to get, keep and grow business through our speaking engagements from December 2001-December 2014.

Our programs are focused on:

 Communication & Conversations

Overcoming the challenges in connecting with clients, prospects and peers.

 High Net Worth (HNW)

Transforming your HNW business with client-acquisition and retention strategies.

 Practice Management

Maximizing your "return on effort" with best-in-class practice management techniques.


Navigating today's retirement of changing regulations, client conversations and investment opportunities.

 Market Intelligence

Gaining a sharper perspective on global markets, economic trends and portfolio strategies.

Presenters | View All

  • Scott West, Head of Invesco Consulting
  • Gary DeMoss, Director, Invesco Consulting
  • Brett Van Bortel, Director, Consulting Services, Invesco Consulting
  • Lisa Kueng, Director, Creative Campaigns, Inveco Consulting
  • Maura Scherer-Merlo, Director, Creative Campaigns, Inveco Consulting
  • Tom Rowley, Director, Retirement Business Strategy, Invesco Consulting
  • Rob Kochel, Vice President, Invesco Consulting
  • Dave Saylor, Director, Consulting Campaigns, Invesco Consulting
  • Jim Morel, Director, Training Services, Invesco Consulting
  • Jon Vogler, Senior Analyst, Retirement Research, Inveco Consulting

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