PSCM - Invesco S&P SmallCap Materials ETF

Fund Holdings

Fund holdings are subject to change.

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as of 09/20/2019
Holding Name Coupon Rate Maturity S&P/Moody's Rating† Weight
Balchem Corp NR/NR 9.77%
HB Fuller Co NR/NR 7.40%
Innospec Inc NR/NR 6.89%
Quaker Chemical Corp NR/NR 6.40%
Stepan Co NR/NR 6.04%
Trinseo SA NR/NR 5.58%
Kaiser Aluminum Corp NR/NR 4.35%
Materion Corp NR/NR 4.05%
Boise Cascade Co NR/NR 3.81%
Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc NR/NR 3.57%
Livent Corp NR/NR 3.30%
Neenah Inc NR/NR 3.30%
Kraton Corp NR/NR 3.21%
Ferro Corp NR/NR 3.03%
AK Steel Holding Corp NR/NR 2.39%
US Concrete Inc NR/NR 2.30%
AdvanSix Inc NR/NR 2.30%
PH Glatfelter Co NR/NR 2.06%
Innophos Holdings Inc NR/NR 2.04%
Myers Industries Inc NR/NR 1.95%
Koppers Holdings Inc NR/NR 1.90%
SunCoke Energy Inc NR/NR 1.79%
Mercer International Inc NR/NR 1.72%
Tredegar Corp NR/NR 1.48%
Haynes International Inc NR/NR 1.40%
American Vanguard Corp NR/NR 1.32%
Hawkins Inc NR/NR 1.29%
Century Aluminum Co NR/NR 1.11%
Clearwater Paper Corp NR/NR 0.98%
FutureFuel Corp NR/NR 0.93%
TimkenSteel Corp NR/NR 0.83%
Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc NR/NR 0.64%
Olympic Steel Inc NR/NR 0.42%
LSB Industries Inc NR/NR 0.36%
A Schulman Inc NR/NR 0.07%

† Credit ratings are assigned by Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations based on assessment of the credit worthiness of the underlying bond issuers. The ratings range from AAA (highest) to D (lowest) and are subject to change. Not rated indicates the debtor was not rated, and should not be interpreted as indicating low quality. For more information on rating methodologies, please visit the following NRSRO websites: and select "Understanding Ratings" under Rating Resources; and select "Rating Methodologies" under Research and Ratings.