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  • Invesco International Growth Fund

    Invesco International Growth Fund

    Navigating World Markets for 25 Years

    Find out how the fund performed over 25 years — and what drives results.

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  • These aren’t participation trophies

    These aren’t participation trophies

    Two Invesco funds earn Lipper awards for outperformance.

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  • Barron's 2017 Best Fund Families

    Barron's 2017 Best Fund Families

    Invesco ranks top 10 in Barron's Best Fund Families based on 2016 performance.

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Invesco mutual funds

Invesco offers a broad range of actively-managed, domestic, international/global, specialty and fixed-income mutual funds to help customize investors' portfolio to their unique needs.

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Invesco Global Factor Investing Study 2017

Oct 16, 2017

Institutional investors have long been at the forefront of factor investing, and we believe their perspectives can be an important indicator of future trends that could affect the entire industry.