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Quarterly Fund Fact Sheets

Quarterly fund fact sheets for the 4 quarters prior to the previous quarter-end are archived below.

CUSIP Fund Name Calendar Quarter
Alternative - Real Estate
46X573XX5 Invesco Equity Real Estate Securities Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X573XX7 Invesco Equity Global Real Estate Securities Trust 2Q18 1Q18
Alternative - Commodity
46X160XX1 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Trust 2Q18 1Q18
Alternative – Risk-Balanced
46X158XX5 Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X278XX1 Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Trust - Class I 2Q18 1Q18
46X185XX8 Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation 10 Trust 2Q18 1Q18
Alternative – Global Macro
46X173XX4 Invesco Global Targeted Returns Trust 2Q18 1Q18
Fixed Income - Stable Value
46X587XX5 Invesco Stable Value Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X155XX1 Invesco Stable Value Trust - Class II 2Q18 1Q18
46X161XX9 Invesco Stable Value Trust - Class III 2Q18 1Q18
46X162XX7 Invesco Stable Value Trust - Class IV 2Q18 1Q18
46X200XX5 IBEW-NECA Stable Value Trust - Basic Class 2Q18 1Q18
46X201XX3 IBEW-NECA Stable Value Trust - Premier Class 2Q18 1Q18
Fixed Income - U.S. Fixed Income
46X102XX3 Invesco Intermediate Bond Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X586XX7 Invesco Core Plus Fixed Income Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X287XX2 Invesco Core Plus Fixed Income Trust - Class I 2Q18 1Q18
46X132XX0 Diversified Return Intermediate Gov't/Credit Trust 2Q18 1Q18
Equity - U.S. Equity
46X170XX0 Invesco Diversified Dividend Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X236XX9 Invesco Diversified Dividend Trust - Class I 2Q18 1Q18
46X579XX2 Invesco 500 Index Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X574XX3 Invesco U.S. Quantitative Core Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X571XX9 Invesco U.S. Quantitative Small Core Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X595XX8 Invesco U.S. Quantitative Small Value Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X171XX8 Invesco American Franchise Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X242XX7 Invesco American Franchise Trust – Class I 2Q18 1Q18
46X172XX6 Invesco Mid Cap Growth Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X169XX2 Invesco Growth and Income Trust 2Q18 1Q18
Equity - International & Global Equity
46X572XX7 Invesco International Equity Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X184XX1 Invesco International Growth Trust 2Q18 1Q18
46X269XX0 Invesco International Growth Trust - Class I 2Q18 1Q18

The portfolio characteristics presented here are subject to change and current holdings may differ. It should not be assumed that any of the holdings discussed were or will prove to be profitable, or that the investment recommendations or decisions we make in the future will be profitable or will equal the investment performance of the holdings discussed herein.

Material presented is compiled from sources believed to be reliable and current, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This does not constitute an offer or solicitation of any security or product, nor constitute a recommendation of the suitability of any investment strategy for a particular investor.

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