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Commitment to Investment Excellence

We believe the best investment insights come from specialized investment teams with discrete investment perspectives, operating under a disciplined philosophy and process framework with strong risk oversight.

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Invesco Real Estate

What we offer our clients:


Established in 1983, Invesco Real Estate (IRE) manages global investments in direct real estate, real estate securities including equity and debt, infrastructure securities and master limited partnerships (MLPs).

Singular Focus

Our real estate business is focused solely on investment management. We do not have conflicting business interests, such as investment banking, insurance, property management or leasing. This reduces the risk of conflicts of interest, and allows us to focus our energies on our fiduciary responsibility to each client.

Global Platform

With offices in 21 financial centers around the world, our team focuses on top-down fundamentals and bottom-up local market intelligence. Our global presence, combined with a centralized team, allows us to identify and manage the best investment opportunities in the most attractive markets.

Portfolio teams include:

  • North America Direct Real Estate
  • Asia Direct Real Estate
  • European Direct Real Estate
  • Global Real Estate Securities
  • Global Infrastructure Securities


Senior Investment Professionals
R. Scott Dennis Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer
Tim Bellman Managing Director, Head of Global Research
Paddy Bingham Managing Director, Director of Fund Management - Europe
Mark Blackburn CFA, CPA Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager
Pete Cassiano Managing Director, Acquisitions Officer
Jeff Cavanaugh Managing Director, Director of Separate Account Portfolio Management
Calvin Chou Managing Director, Head of Asia Value/Opportunistic
James Cowen Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Bert Crouch Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Paul Curbo, CFA Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Laler C. DeCosta Managing Director, Client Portfolio Manager
Rob Deckey Managing Director, Acquisitions Officer
Etienne Dupuy Managing Director, Asset Management
Peter Feinberg Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Jason Geer Managing Director, Head of Dispositions and Financing
Tracy Green, CPA Managing Director, Director of US Real Estate Accounting
William C. Grubbs, Jr. Managing Director, Head of Funds Management
Kevin Grundy Managing Director, Structured Investments – Europe
Jay P. Hurley Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Paul Joubert Managing Director, Head of European Transactions
Michael C. Kirby CPM Managing Director, Director of North American Real Estate Operations and US Asset Management
T. Gregory Kraus Managing Director, Director of Acquisitions
Cheng-Soon Lau Managing Director, Director of Asia Direct Real Estate
Paul Michaels Managing Director, Director of North American Direct Real Estate
Ron Miller Managing Director, Acquisitions Officer
Rory Morrison Managing Director, Fund Management, Europe
Sze Ann Ong Managing Director, Head of Asset Management, Asia ex-Japan
Lee Phegley, CPA Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer
Doris Pittlinger Managing Director, Head of Fund Management, Europe
Ron Ragsdale Managing Director, Closing Services - Head of Transaction Services
Simon Redman Managing Director, Head of Product Management - Europe
Joe V. Rodriguez, Jr. Managing Director, Head of Global Real Estate Securities
Andy Rofe Managing Director, Director of Europe Direct Real Estate
Ian Schilling Managing Director, Head of Australia - Real Estate
Mike Sobolik, CFA, CRE Managing Director, Head of Research, North America
Marc Socker Managing Director, Acquisitions Manager, Hotel and Leisure Fund Management
Robert Stolfo Managing Director, Fund Manager
Max Swango Managing Director, Head of Global Client Portfolio Management
Alexander Taft Managing Director, Head of Investment and Debt Structuring - Europe
Darin Turner Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Ping-Ying Wang, CFA Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Beth Zayicek Managing Director, Chief Operations Officer

All data as of Dec. 31, 2018 unless otherwise stated. Not all strategies or vehicles are available to all investors nor in all jurisdictions.