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Superpowering tomorrow’s innovations through simulation, Ansys is cutting a clearer path for breakthrough product development.

Video Transcript

Ajei Gopal: When you think about a physical product, let's assume you're trying to build something, simulation is almost like a superpower for the users because it can give them an understanding of how a product is going to behave in the future without the product ever having been built. Ansys is a software company. We help companies around the world design and develop the most amazing products from things like computer chips to rocket ships and frankly, everything in between.


Prith Banerjee: In the past, product companies had to build a physical prototype of that product to test that product, whether it will work or not. Our engineering simulation software models the physics in the most accurate manner and thereby there is no need to actually build physical prototypes and they can do all kinds of different variations of those products.


Maria Shields: From GE to Pratt & Whitney to Honeywell, to Rolls Royce - our customers are the world's leaders in their markets.


Ajei Gopal: They're all trying to solve these incredibly complex challenges like trying to figure out the future of 5G or autonomous vehicles or electrification or the industrial internet of everything, and they can take advantage of our technology and solve the problems that are specific to their industries.


Prith Banerjee: The whole vision of software-based verification and validation has been accelerated because of Covid-19. The engineers in our customer sites don't have to go to a lab, don't have to go to a manufacturing factory. They can actually design and analyze their products on a computer.


Maria Shields: We've been on our own digital transformation journey over the past several years, investing heavily in technology that enables us to automate and scale our business, and as a result, we've been able to leverage that platform to connect with our customers.


Ajei Gopal: I think the future is the ongoing and continued use of simulation across a number of different arenas. I see this technology becoming pervasive throughout the product life cycle process and being used much more aggressively and broadly than it is today.

About Ansys

ANSYS, Inc. engages in the development and marketing of engineering simulation software and services. It operates through the following geographical segments: United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, France, China, other EMEA and other International. The firm's solutions include automotive, aerospace and defense, construction, energy, materials and chemical processing, autonomous engineering and electrification. The company was founded by John A. Swanson in 1970 and is headquartered in Canonsburg, PA.

CEO: Ajei S. Gopal Headquarters: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Founded: 1970 Employees: 4,800

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