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Providing a safer, more efficient way of doing business, DocuSign is leading e-signature solutions for contact-less environments, and beyond.

Video Transcript

Dan Springer: Early on at DocuSign the concept was e-signature just made sense, and then we saw it as an opportunity there to make the world more efficient in coming together in agreements. Once people saw that technology in action, they realized they wanted to have that same efficiency, to sign sales agreements, to onboard employees, to do financial processes like purchase orders.


Steve Krause: Anytime you see a business process in the digital age that is being done entirely manually, you gotta ask the question: can we take some of the burden off, can we make this more efficient? The DocuSign agreement cloud is about helping organizations everywhere in the world digitally transform how they get agreements down.


Dan Springer: The pandemic has been difficult of course, for all companies and all individuals, we were well situated for a work from home environment because of the way we drive digital transformation.


Emily Heath: In a lot of companies that digital transformation has been accelerated because of COVID. Contracts still need to be signed and signatures still need to be in place, agreements still need to be made. We're solving some problems that have never been solved before. So having a really creative, diverse set of people actually makes the innovation that happens within the security world much easier.


Steve Krause: In the early response to Covid we were getting contacted by healthcare institutions because their infrastructure involved things like patient intake forms using paper clipboards and pens. We helped them do contactless intake. Over the months that then passed we had a lot of these healthcare institutions saying this is just a better way.


Emily Heath: When I think about the future and the potential of DocuSign, the whole world is our customer. Everybody can be a DocuSign customer whether you're an individual or whether you're a big enterprise.


Dan Springer: I think the future is really bright for DocuSign. We believe you're going to see companies all say, we need to have an agreement cloud provider.

About DocuSign

DocuSign, Inc. provides cloud-based electronic signature solutions. Its cloud-based electronic signature platform helps companies and individuals securely collect information, automate data workflows and sign anything. The firm automates manual, paper-based processes allowing users to manage all aspects of documented business transactions including identity management, authentication, digital signature, forms and data collection, collaboration, workflow automation and storage. DocuSign was founded by Thomas H. Gonser and Court Lorenzini in 2003 and is headquatered in San Francisco, CA.

CEO: Daniel D. Springer Headquarters: San Francisco, California Founded: 2003  Employees: 5,630

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