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By revolutionizing back-office processes across numerous industries, Workday helps businesses develop more inclusive hiring practices in an effort to eliminate the opportunity gap for job-seekers.

Video Transcript

ASHLEY: Workday is an extremely values driven culture. One of our primary focus areas is closing the opportunity gap. We know that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not and it has unequal application.


CHANO: Workday started in 2005. Our goal was to revolutionalize back-office processes.


PETE: The two most important resources that a business has are people and money. That's the core of what Workday works on. Allowing our customers to optimize the use of those.


ASHLEY: Today Workday we're delivering applications and financial management, spend management, planning, HR analytics, and more. We work across all industries, thousands of customers, and across the globe.


PETE: In 2020, our customers needed to rapidly adapt their business to this changing world. Being able to turn around solutions to our customers very quickly, that is very inspiring for me.


CHANO: We collaborated a lot with customers because we really need to understand the needs, the challenges, and what our customers needed us to prioritize on building


CHANO: As a society, as a world, we have big problems to solve. We all can do more about completely eliminating bias in terms of hiring.


ASHLEY: We’re doubling down on building inclusive products and technology. We've just launched Vibe Central and Vibe Index, and these are ways to help leaders in other organizations advance their diversity and belonging efforts.


PETE: The Skills Cloud is on the forefront of something that we call skills-based employment. It has really large benefits for populations that have been disadvantaged in the past.


ASHLEY: You’ve got this wonderful ability to look at what are the skills that they bring to the table. And that really helps open up the world of opportunity much more broadly for all of us, no matter our background.


CHANO: Workday as a company has set up their own goals in terms of belonging, diversity, and inclusion, that are quite aggressive, but we're tremendously committed to it.


ASHLEY: We are investing $45 million in advancing the belonging and diversity efforts across our organization.


CHANO: I’m tremendously excited for how innovation keeps changing the world but at the same time how innovation can solve the diversity and belonging and inclusion problems.

About Workday

Workday, Inc. engages in the development of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. It delivers financial management, human capital management and analytics applications designed for companies, educational institutions and government agencies. The company was founded by David A. Duffields and Aneel Bhusri in March 2005 and is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.

CEO: Aneel Bhusri Headquarters: Pleasanton, California Founded: 2005 Employees: 12,500

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