Trey Brown of fashion company Spergo on a neighborhood street. Spergo is featured in Invesco QQQ's Innovation Now series.

Trey's Innovation Story

Inspiring a community through fashion

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Innovation Origin - Trey


By combining a desire to inspire with his entrepreneurial spirit, a 13 year-old is changing his Philadelphia community.

Spergo is designer clothing that means something: staying powerful, strong and courageous at all times.

Spergo's Origin

Growing up in a violent neighborhood, it may seem like there aren’t many ways to get out. But everyone has their own genius — and can inspire greater possibilities. With support, you can take an idea from here — to global.
Mentors with Spergo CEO Trey Brown. Spergo is a featured company in Invesco QQQ's Innovation Now series

“Today is going to be an amazing day. I’m demanding it. I’m never going to stop.”

- Trey, Founder of Spergo
Spergo logo on yellow jacket. Spergo is a company featured in Invesco QQQ's Innovation Now series.

Spergo's Innovation

It’s absolutely beyond the clothes. The clothes are the reminder that people are left with. Spergo is about inspiring people to make a change.

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