Close up on smart phone app tracking basketball drills by HomeCourt, a company featured in Invesco's Innovation Now series

An app transforming its business, and basketball

Kristina Hooper interviews HomeCourt co-founders David Lee and Alex Wu

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Innovation Now - HomeCourt

HomeCourt Founders

In this latest episode, Kristina Hooper talks with HomeCourt founders David Lee and Alex Wu about how their mission transformed during the pandemic, and the lasting legacy they think their app will have on fitness and community building.

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Innovation Now - HomeCourt

HomeCourt Fans

Learn more about HomeCourt through the eyes of co-founder David Lee, and one very enthusiastic user.

“You don’t have to be together in person to have a very authentic, engaging, social-connected experience.”

- Alex Wu, Co-Founder of HomeCourt

HomeCourt Innovation

It’s not just about perfecting your dribble, or topping your high score. It’s about finding a physical outlet – and a connection. And for HomeCourt, it’s about answering the call for creative solutions when they’re most needed.
Facial recognition software at work from PopCom, a company featured in Invesco QQQ's Innovation Now series

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