Invesco Trust Company

Our Mission

Invesco Trust Company is dedicated to building our clients' trust. We focus completely on our clients by performing our trust services with skill, dedication, and adherence to the strict principles of fiduciary conduct.

Our Advantage

Invesco Trust Company aims to provide outstanding service. Our dedicated focus allows us to service our clients on an individual and customized basis. Our concentrated size is conducive to rapid client and market responsiveness and allows us to provide the ultimate in flexibility. Our global Invesco Ltd. affiliation provides the Trust Company with a wealth of resources, an internationally recognized reputation as an investment leader, and the outstanding Invesco money management strategies.

Our Services

Investing in the Invesco Collective Trust Funds includes a full array of services— Fiduciary, trustee/fund manager, custodian, fund accounting / administration, and transfer agent—in a single packaged solution.

Investment Fiduciary and Trustee Services

Trustee services include fiduciary management of the Trust(s); Legal documents, subadvisor oversight and due diligence, establishment of associated investment guidelines in partnership with the investment Sub-advisor, approval of plan sponsor adoption and participation, overseeing periodic filings and disclosure documents with the applicable regulatory authority, managing all CTF service providers, and retaining discretionary investment management responsibilities for the Trust(s).

Custody Services

Trade settlement, tax reclamation, derivatives processing/collateral management, income collection, asset safekeeping, corporate action processing, class action processing, proxy voting processing, and cash sweeps.

Fund Accounting and Administration

Daily reconciliation of share and cash positions, fund-level security and shareholder trade processing, financial statement production and distribution, trust fund audit support, regulatory oversight.

Our History

Invesco Trust Company was established in 1969 as Financial Trust Company. The Trust Company began managing institutional funds in 1978 and created a collective trust for qualified retirement plan investing in 1987. Our name was changed in 1989 to INVESCO Trust Company, and again in 1998 to Institutional Trust Company. In 2000, the Trust Company became an FDIC-insured institution. In 2001, the Trust Company received approval from the Office of the Comptroller of Currency to convert its state charter into a national trust company. As a result, the company changed its name to AMVESCAP National Trust Company. In 2002, the Trust Company began utilizing the Invesco and Aim names as branding labels for the company's products in order to enhance client name recognition in various distribution channels. In 2006, the Trust Company's parent company, AMVESCAP Plc, changed its name to Invesco Ltd. As a result AMVESCAP National Trust Company is now Invesco Trust Company.

These name changes reflect the continuing evolution of the Trust Company to meet the changing demands of the retirement investment market. The Trust Company recognized the shift to participant-directed plans many years ago and has strategically positioned itself to provide full service to its clients while successfully responding to the trends shaping the retirement investment industry.

About the Invesco Collective Trust Funds

The Trust Company's Invesco Collective Trust Funds are part of a master trust, the Institutional Retirement Trust (IRT). The Declaration of Trust ("DOT") establishing the IRT describes the fiduciary and administrative oversight of the funds as well as the rules that investing plans must follow in order to invest in them. The Invesco Collective Trust Funds are designed exclusively for qualified retirement plans and combine features of registered mutual funds with a flexible institutional fee schedule to address our clients' varied investment needs. The funds provide investment management expertise in a wide variety of asset classes and investment strategies incorporating growth, value, core, quantitative, structured, stable value, global / international and real estate management styles and products.