Solving fixed income
challenges through
multi-sector strategies

In today's complex environment, institutional investors require a sophisticated approach to managing their fixed income portfolio. Whether you are seeking portfolio diversification, enhanced income or a more effecient portfolio, Invesco fixed Income can help identify the right strategies to help meet your investment goals.

The strength of our platform can help you navigate increasingly complex markets

At Invesco Fixed Income, we leverage our robust single sector capabilities, global credit and macro research platforms, and interconnectivity to provide multi-sector solutions to clients worldwide. Through global standards across credit and risk, Invesco's multi-sector team develops an integrated strategy based on market direction, risk positioning and asset allocation.


and single sector

and global
Full range

of rates, currency and credit

and private markets
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of the capital structure

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*Assets under management include all assets under advisement, distributed and and overseen by Invesco as of June 30, 2019.

How can multi-sector investing help you address your investment challenges?

Multi-sector investing combines two or more fixed income asset classes in pursuit of an investment objective. Different sectors are placed side by side, and capital is allocated based on how well each should perform within the current investment climate.

We believe that informed, active and agile rotation across themes, sectors and securities allows us to effectively manage intra-cycle drawdowns and deliver strong risk-adjusted performance over time.


Preserving capital over multiple market cycles

Dynamic asset allocation

Skilled sector rotation can add to performance; requires expertise to know when to own, and not to own, certain asset classes or sectors


Balancing asset class correlations in a single


Embedded diversification across a range of fixed income asset classes


Minimizing cost and maximizing resources


Ability to own multiple sectors in one structure, creating cost and resource efficiency by leveraging external expertise

The Trend Towards Multi-Sector Credit
Multi-sector credit strategies continue to attract attention from institutional investors.These strategies offer a dynamic allocation mix across global credit segments that can be adapted in an effort to optimize overall positioning and security selection in various market conditions.


Increasing the return potential of your fixed income allocation
Learn how an active multi-sector credit strategy provides diversification across four core sectors using a disciplined, research-intensive methodology.

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Active multi-sector credit strategy profile
The strategy applies a discretionary approach across core credit asset classes in pursuit of attractive strategic beta, tactical beta and security selection alpha opportunities.

Multi-sector asset allocation outlook
This new quarterly report highlights Invesco Fixed Income's asset allocation decisions for rates, currencies and credit, its overall risk position, and the investment implications of the team's macro factor framework.

Global Fixed Income Strategy
This monthly fixed income report covers global macro strategy, investment and credit strategy including interest rate and currency outlooks.

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Q&A: The potential benefits of a multi-sector approach
Invesco Fixed Income's multi-sector team gathered to share their thoughts on multi-sector investing approaches and the benefits to institutional investor.

2019 Global Fixed Income Study
Explore key insights from institutional fixed income specialists from around the world.

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Leveraging efficiency and information
This dynamic multi-credit strategy may be considered a "one-stop shop for credit". At various stages in the credit cycle, factors such as the economy, market direction, and fundamentally-based security selection can differ in importance based on their overall contribution to the portfolio. Our investment teams work together to help generate a large range of ideas fro diverse resources to position the portfolio opportunistically to quickly capitalize on market dislocations. As market conditions change, the investment team actively implements full-cycle strategic allocation diversified across four core global credit sectors: global investment grade, emerging market debt, bank loans, and global high yield.

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