Business Continuity

Invesco Business Recovery Services (BRS) has been operational since 1995 and acts as consultants to the business. The team's goals are to help departments to identify and prioritize critical requirements, develop appropriate recovery strategies and assist with responding to business disruptions and crises that ensure Invesco will continue to meet its fiduciary responsibilities regardless of the environment.

BRS maintains regional teams in North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific. The North American team works with departments to conduct business impact analyses and to develop their recovery strategy for four primary scenarios:

  • local workplace unavailability,
  • regional outage,
  • Primary Data Center outage and,
  • mass absenteeism due to employee impact (i.e. Pandemic event)

Each scenario is further broken down into Short-Term (0-24 hrs) and Long-Term (48 hrs – 2 Weeks) strategies. Recovery requirements are classified as being "up-and-running" within 4 hrs, 24 hrs, 72 hrs, Week 2 or Deferred and BRS works with support teams to provide for these objectives. Strategies are verified and exercised annually.

Invesco's primary data center is housed in a building designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and equipped with alternate power and communication lines. In a catastrophic event that caused the loss of the data center building, the data center network will be restored to a secondary recovery location.

Each department and site may have a different mix of requirements and recovery options. The BRS team works to develop the best strategies to provide a robust operating environment. These recovery strategies could be:

  • Defer functions until the office is back in production
  • Transferring functions to staff at another Invesco office,
  • Relocate critical staff to another Invesco or 3rd Party location or,
  • Working remotely using a VPN solution.

Invesco's Business Continuity plans include pre-defined phone re-routing to ensure that customer enquiries will be received and responded to.

For internal crisis communications, Invesco uses automated third party notification systems to relay instructions from the Emergency Management Team to business recovery team leaders. Manual Call-Trees are also maintained as a back-up. Employees can also access a toll-free Business Recovery Status Line and a Business Recovery Status Website to get updates on the status of their office.

All critical data (e.g. business, application, & technical) is replicated or copied to a recovery facility throughout each day, and all Invesco systems and data are completely backed up to tape and stored offsite on a periodic basis.

Invesco's BC Program is designed to be seamless to our clients, business partners and shareholders. However, should an event interrupt our preferred emergency management methods, detailed plans exist to keep shareholders, business constituents, and employees informed of Invesco's operational status.

This summary is subject to modification. A summary update may also be obtained by requesting a written copy by mail.