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    Product Commentaries

    Product commentaries provide quarterly fund updates including contributors to performance, detractors from performance, and positioning and outlook.

    Select a Mutual Fund Share Class:
    Fund Name Product Commentary
    Alternative - Bank Loans - Class A
    Invesco Floating Rate ESG Fund
    Invesco Senior Floating Rate Fund
    Invesco Senior Floating Rate Plus Fund
    Invesco Senior Loan Fund
    Alternative - Commodities - Class A
    Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strategy Fund
    Invesco Gold & Special Minerals Fund
    Alternative - Equity Market Neutral - Class A
    Invesco All Cap Market Neutral Fund
    Alternative - Global Macro - Class A
    Invesco Global Allocation Fund
    Invesco Global Targeted Returns Fund
    Invesco Macro Allocation Strategy Fund
    Alternative - Infrastructure - Class A
    Invesco Global Infrastructure Fund
    Alternative - MLPs - Class A
    Invesco SteelPath MLP Alpha Fund
    Invesco SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus Fund
    Invesco SteelPath MLP Income Fund
    Invesco SteelPath MLP Select 40 Fund
    Alternative - Multi-Alternative - Class A
    Invesco Fundamental Alternatives Fund
    Alternative - Real Estate - Class A
    Invesco Global Real Estate Fund
    Invesco Global Real Estate Income Fund
    Invesco Real Estate Fund
    Alternative - Risk-Balanced - Class A
    Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund

    Commentary Schedule

    This page is periodically updated as new commentaries become available.

    After the end of each quarter:

    • Equity commentaries are generally available in three weeks.

    • Fixed income, balanced and alternatives commentaries are generally available in four weeks.