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Innovation Realized

Learn more about companies in the QQQ holdings directly from the entrepreneurs and company leaders driving their innovations. In this series, we learn how these innovators push the boundaries of what’s possible to change lives and reshape reality.


Doug Merritt: We're still at the very, very beginnings of human beings and companies knowing how to use data. As we move to a fully digitized landscape, every millisecond of every day has some degree of data attached to it. Splunk is the data to everything platform and technology.

Sendur Sellakumar: Our belief is that data is the sort of new fuel for the digital enterprise. So our goal as a company is really to enable enterprises to get value from that data.

Susan St. Ledger: Splunk’s ability to correlate those massive amounts of data sources and bright insights to the customer is really what the Data to Everything platform is really all about. And that's why we say everyone needs Splunk, just not that everybody knows it yet.

Doug Merritt: Ultimately the real outcome is action. You're doing all that work around data so that you can take action on the data.

Susan St. Ledger: Take a legacy organization like the US census, they actually went digital with Splunk. So for the first time ever, all of you have been able to do your census response online.

Doug Merritt: We've helped Porsche roll out their electric initiative with Taycan.

Sendur Sellakumar: One of our major customers, Domino's, they still deliver pizzas at the end of the day, but if they can optimize their pizza delivery and their supply chain in a much more massive way in real time, that means they're able to shrink their supply chain, lower cost, deliver higher value to customers and frankly stay competitive.

Doug Merritt: Being able to wrap our arms around the immediate tactical issues of how do we deal with all the change that we're facing right now is really, really important. Um, but through all this change, there's incredible opportunity for the future of work.

Susan St. Ledger: We're getting more interest in cloud than ever and I truly believe it's been accelerated by this environment.

Sendur Sellakumar: Airlines have very different business concerns right now versus a hospital, but at the end of the day, all those business challenges require looking at the full spectrum of data. When you look across industries, the amount of insights from data that will need to be gathered, is going to be massive, just massive.

Doug Merritt: There's such a rich and constantly changing landscape within the tech world where we're just honored to be part of that entire team that is helping to push the world forward and think of new ways of operating and envisioning what the future will look like.

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