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Latest episode: Uncorking Natural Wine

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From reimagining life indoors to revolutionizing how we play sports, innovative advances are transforming the world around us, especially in these times. Join hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer as they reveal how science, technology and creativity is shaping reality in extraordinary ways, right now.

Episode 1 June 15, 2020

Reinventing Life Indoors

A focus on nature is breathing new life into how we design our homes and cities. Here, hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer explore the principles of biophilia, learning how natural light, sounds and patterns can help us all, especially now.

Episode 2 June 29, 2020

Uncorking Natural Wine

Why launch a case of wine into space? Hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer uncover how ancient winemaking techniques, paired with modern technology, are revolutionizing the wine industry — and may help us face climate change.

Episode 3

Music in the Algorithm Age

Can an algorithm write a hit song? Hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer discuss how artificial intelligence and other new technologies promise to upend the music industry — and create new opportunities for sharing and composing music.

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Episode 4

Being Together, Even In VR, Helps Seniors Thrive

Can V.R. help older people feel less lonely? Hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer uncover the new V.R. technology that’s helping seniors feel more connected — to the world and their loved ones — and how it’s improving their health.

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Episode 5

The Quest for Perfect

Can special effects make reality more … real? Hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer examine how movies are changing our perception of reality — especially when actors and crews can’t be together — and explore what the future of movies looks like.

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Episode 6

Dunking with Data

What do rocket science and basketball have in common? Hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer discover how technology used to track missiles is now being adapted to help players and coaches excel.

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