Emerging Market Bond

Investment Objective:

To achieve high income yield and long-term capital appreciation through investing in emerging market fixed income securities. This product seeks to outperform the JP Morgan EMBI Global Diversified Index by an average of 100-150 basis points per year.

The Invesco Edge:

  • Extensive global platform, essential for successful fixed-income portfolio management
  • Distinct investment culture and approach focused on diversified alpha generation
  • Flexible delivery of investment solutions to meet global and local client needs

Investment Strategy:

Invesco Emerging Market Bond is a total return strategy that generates returns by actively managing a diverse portfolio of emerging market bond securities in multiple countries. The strategy takes advantage of both external and local currency debt and, to a limited degree, emerging market corporates from diverse sectors and industries.

This strategy exploits the entire quality spectrum and combines a top-down country allocation with rigorous bottom-up credit analysis and valuation of individual issuers. Our disciplined portfolio construction places a strong emphasis on risk management: we seek to achieve compelling performance relative to our benchmark, with below-market risk.

Invesco’s Emerging Market Bond strategy is available as a separate account and an offshore commingled fund domiciled under Irish regulation.