Privacy at Invesco

Invesco is committed to respecting the privacy of those whose personal data we process, upholding their privacy rights and acting in accordance with applicable legislation. Access the relevant regional privacy notices by selecting your region below.

Invesco's Privacy Principles

To enable Invesco to meet this commitment, our Privacy Principles have been established and are applied to our processing activities involving personal data.


To be transparent with the individuals whose Personal Data we process, so they know what Personal Data we process, the purposes for which we process it and what we do with it.


To protect and secure the Personal Data we collect or process.

Purpose limitations

To only collect or process Personal Data for specified legitimate purposes, and not process such Personal Data for purposes others than those specified.


To enable individuals to exercise their Privacy Rights applicable to the Personal Data we collect or process.


To minimize the Personal Data we collect or process to that which is necessary and relevant to the specified purposes.

Storage limitation

To only keep Personal Data for as long as we need it in relation to the specified purpose(s), after which it is to be deleted or otherwise appropriately disposed of.


To maintain the Personal Data we process to keep it accurate and up to date.


To be responsible for, and able to demonstrate our adherence to, our Privacy Principles and applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Contacting us

If you want more details about how we process your personal information, please read the privacy notice relevant for your region or location above. 

If you require further information about privacy at Invesco please use the contact details in the relevant privacy notice.

Changes to the Privacy Notices

  • We may modify or amend the Privacy Notices from time to time. Any changes or additions to the processing of your personal data as described in the Privacy Notice will be effective immediately and updated on this site.