US Short-Term Bond

Investment Objective:

 To outperform the Barclays Short-Term Custom Index by an average of 20 basis points per year. Barclays Short-Term Custom Index contains 50% Barclays 1-5 Year Government, 15% Barclays ABS AAA, 10% Barclays MBS, 10% Barclays Hybrid ARMS, 10% Barclays CMBS 1 - 3.5 yr, 5% Barclays U.S. ABS FLT AAA, rebalanced monthly.

The Invesco Edge:

  • Extensive global platform, essential for successful fixed-income portfolio management
  • Distinct investment culture and approach focused on diversified alpha generation
  • Flexible delivery of investment solutions to meet global and local client needs

Investment Strategy:

US Short-Term Bond is a fixed income, total return strategy that is highly liquid with limited return volatility. Returns are generated by actively managing a diversified portfolio of   primarily structured securities including RMBS, CMBS and ABS (both fixed and floating).

This strategy may use derivatives and relies on out-of index sectors, including ‘AAA’-rated, non-agency, mortgage-backed and asset-backed sectors to produce returns. This strategy may also invest in Invesco Fixed Income's Enhanced Cash strategy. Duration, maturity selection, spread volatility, sector and security selection are each potential sources of return. The strategy is designed to maintain a duration range of +/- 25% of index.

The US Short-Term Bond strategy is available in a separate account.