Distressed Private Equity

Investment Objective:

To seek superior returns for our investors by seizing opportunities in highly inefficient markets across the globe.

The Invesco Edge:

  • Access to the investment approach of the WL Ross & Co. team, one of the world’s leading turnaround groups
  • The WL Ross & Co. investment committee has worked together for more than 12 years and has 15 years’ average experience in bankruptcy advisory, corporate finance, credit workout, investment banking and security analysis
  • Competitive returns

Investment Strategy:

Knowledge and experience make the difference: our research-driven process and broad industry experience provide insights, relationships and opportunities that allow the team to make investments from which others may typically shy away.

During a lengthy and intensive research process, investments are subject to deep and far-reaching review in order to gain a thorough understanding of macro issues, legal and business challenges, security analysis and valuation. The process includes extensive due diligence in which broad experience, savvy, and industry contacts are keys to unlocking the information that will ultimately enable the group to make investments where “perceived risk” is inconsistent with actual risk.

We have a lengthy track record in working with various governments, labor groups, corporations and industry partners. We employ creative solutions to complex financial situations. Our concentration on recovery of businesses is long held and often focuses on restructuring, buyouts and consolidations to create new, stronger business enterprises.

The ability to work with various constituents over the long term on behalf of our clients/partners requires a sound reputation and attention to the best business practices – helping raise the bar on corporate governance.