Global Head of Insurance Investment Solutions

Alexandre Mincier


Based in Paris, Alexandre Mincier is Global Head of Insurance Investment Solutions with Invesco Investment Solutions. Prior to joining Invesco, Alexandre was Global CIO for HSBC Insurance overseeing a multi-asset portfolio of US$120bn worldwide covering ALM and investments and was a member of the insurance Executive Committee.  

Between 2010 and 2015 Alexandre served as Global Head of Investment Solutions for AXA, covering Solvency II preparation from an asset perspective, portfolio and ALM optimisation, and market opportunities (including diversification in new asset classes and derivatives). In addition, he was responsible for the derivatives book and accounting of complex investment strategies (including derivatives with the objective to contain P&L volatility). In addition to insurance investments, Alexandre has experience of investment banking front office, managing the Long Term ALM desk and responsibility for credit quantitative structuring for Dexia, and cross-asset derivatives as head of variable annuities hedging desk for AXA.

Alexandre is an actuary and an associated member of the French Actuarial Institute. Alexandre holds a master’s degree in Finance and Actuarial Science from ENSAE Paris, a master’s degree in Telecommunications from ENST Paris, and a degree in engineering from the University of Bucharest. 


Job title    Global Head of Insurance Investment Solutions
In group    1 Feb 2018
Experience    1 Mar 2003
Location    Paris
Team    Invesco Investment Solutions