Why CollegeBound 529?

Why CollegeBound 529?

CollegeBound 529 is designed to meet your education savings needs with a wide choice of flexible investment options and an innovative program design.

Innovative Program Features

Cost-conscious Investment Options

Enjoy competitive fees and cost-conscious options due to the inclusion of active and passive investment portfolios.

Active and Passive Investment Portfolios

Some portfolios are professionally managed by Invesco, and rooted in fundamental and factor-based strategies.

Flexible Funding Options

Designed to accommodate every budget, with a $0 minimum investment and a generous $500,000 per beneficiary limit.

Flexible Investment Menu

Account owners can choose from a variety of portfolios designed around their savings goals:

Age-Based Portfolios

Uniquely structured investment options designed to align with a child’s expected year of college enrollment.

Target Risk Portfolios

Investment options aligned to levels of risk: conservative, moderate and growth. These portfolios combine both active and passive investments – all professionally managed by Invesco – to seek the desired risk-adjusted returns.

Individual Portfolios

Single-strategy investment options across major asset classes. These portfolios allow the account owner and beneficiary to customize their education savings strategy.

Why Choose A CollegeBound 529 For Your Client?

Visit resources for financial advisors on the Invesco website to learn why CollegeBound 529 could be a great choice for your clients.

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