Why CollegeBound 529?

Saving for college has never been easier! A 529 college plan is an accessible, innovative way to plan for a brighter future today.

CollegeBound 529 program features

Cost-friendly investment plans

Do more with your money with low fees and investment options that match your budget.

Multiple investment portfolios

Make the most of your savings with a mix of investment options and strategies that best nurture your investment in the future.

Flexible funding options

Start saving for the future with your current budget with a $0 minimum investment and a generous $500,000 limit per beneficiary.

Goal-oriented investments

Save for education with investment options based on your specific savings goals.

Age-based portfolios

Take advantage of time with investment options that align with a child's expected year of college enrollment.

Target risk portfolios

Take advantage of Invesco-managed portfolios and invest comfortably based on your preferred levels of risk: conservative, moderate, and growth.

Individual portfolios

Customize your education savings plan with single-strategy investment options.

Partner with Invesco for your CollegeBound 529 plan

Find out how a 529 plan can help you invest in your child's future today.

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